Moog Sub 37 Vs Mother 32

Synthetizer commonly used by professional musicians for wanting to show a high sense of musicality, have a different and varying sound quality. In contrast to the usual keyboard synthesizer. It can be seen from the picture that we provide below in conjunction with the article. This is one real example of keyboard is now famous and also on the market. Moog Sub 37 vs. Mother 32, enjoy it!

moog sub 37 vs mother 32

Moog Sub 37
The latest episode can be said as a review too can be looked at Moog Sub 37 vs Voyager. The tribute edition 37 Sub is a limited edition (2-note) paraphonic analog synthesizer. It has built Sub phat sound engine, but with panel features 40 keys, 74 switches and has a dedicated LCD screen. Moog definitely does not spare any expenditure on its own good buttons, as this is a great feeling keyboard around. You will also find some orange backlit wheels for pitch and modulation, headphone out, mute master key handy and typical I / O options: audio in / out, pitch / filter / volume / gate CVs plus din and USB MIDI. Just like phat, Sub 37 is friends with your Mac, easily communicating with logic, Pro Tools and other DAWs. In essence, Sub 37 basic module synthesis is very much the same as Sub phat: two variable continuous wave oscillator, Fantastic part mixer that will push more on higher values, square wave sub oscillator, pink noise generator, Dual filter envelopes and more. And of course, Moog’s stylized staircase is an incredibly low pass filter (6db, 12db, 14db or 24db) and an outstanding Mutli-Drive circuit for the same distortion.

Moog Mother 32
The lion’s share of the manual mother-32 is devoted to miniature push-key keyboard and how you use it, with some dedicated buttons, digitally controlled programs, 32-step monophonic sequencers. It includes only one octave but, with eight octave settings, you can use it to play a large variety of pitches. To record a sequence, you just go into record mode, play the desired note on the keyboard or MIDI controller installed, then exit and press play, after which you can change the order to any key by pressing the note on the keyboard or MIDI controller like play. Mother – 32 offers much more in the scope of MIDI performance and MIDI-CV conversions than you might expect. Most definitely, you can play over a large 10 – octave range, with zero to 120 records converted to CVs ranging from -5 to + 5 V. MIDI and aftertouch speeds are also recognized and, if set precisely, either (but only one on one time) can be made available as ± 5V CV in Assignable output in patchbay. While in use, the manual contains nine sample patches to help beginners find their way around the synth and start to understand the fundamentals of programming, and while experimenting with this is becoming aware of how confusing the 32-mother in control panel might be for beginners.

Moog Sub 37 Vs Mother 32

Moog Sub 37Moog Mother 32
Key features- 37-note velocity sensitive keyboard with aftertouch Classic Moog Ladder Filter with resonance, MultiDrive, and selectable filter slopes 2 modulation busses with assignable source and destinations 256 presets- Voltage Controlled 32 Step Sequencer with 64 Sequence Locations - Low Pass & High Pass Moog Ladder Filter (20Hz"20KHz) with voltage controlled resonance - External audio input for processing outside sound sources

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For a first synth, there’s a lot to be said for program memories and a built in keyboard, and the Sub 37 has that in the favour. If you don’t think you will choose the modular route then you’ll lose a lot of the value of the Mother 32. The other nice thing about the Sub 37 is the duophonic mode, it really opens up a lot of possibilities. According to on balance, we can suggest the Sub 37 through Moog Sub 37 vs Mother 32. We are sure you will still enjoy the Mother if you did option for that instead though.

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