Moog Mother 32 Vs Korg MS 20

If you are looking for a new synth in the ear future, then you are split between Moog Mother 32 vs Korg MS 20. And you also hear issues that Moog does sound good, on the other hand MS20 has 2 filters which could come in handy. You are wondering which is the best one for you since they are similar to each other if you see not in detail to the specifications and performances. Your question will be answered shortly at the following below.

Moog Mother 32 vs Korg MS 20

Moog Mother 32
Although maybe you have read Moog Mother 32 vs Korg Minilogue, there is nothing wrong if you take a look once again to the other version of Moog Mother 32’s review. Moog Mother 32 is designed to make a high quality but accessible and affordable instrument. It becomes stepping stone or to enrich you Eurorack modular system either for beginners or for experienced lovers of subtractive synthesis. It is also used as a stand-alone performance or production synthesizer or connected up to other Mothers, Eurorack or any devices equipped with CV/GATE out? inputs. Moog Mother 32 is featured by two classic components which are filter and oscillators. You will not only get a killer VCO and VCF here, but also a nice laid-out patchbay which can link between additional Mother 32 units and tap into other Eurorack modules to fully customize your sound and sequences. There also voltage controlled 32 step sequencer with 64 sequence locations with low pass & high pass Moog ladder filter for up to 20 Hz until 20 kHz with voltage controller resonance too. An external audio input for processing outside sound sources is coming with 5-pin MIDI input and MIDI CV converter too. Plus, you will be supported by 32 modular patch points which includes 5 patch cables and 2 voltage controller mixers.

Korg MS20
Beside on the common Korg MS20, it is also available with the other mini version namely Korg MS20 Mini. They are still perfectly reproduced its circuitry and fit them into a body 86% of the original size. Just the MS20 mini will amaze more with its absolutely authentic and analog synth sound. The Korg MS20 itself distinguished at its debut through the gripping lead tones, the dat and juicy basses, and the warm strings and pads too. This synth is a two oscillator with two VCFs as well as two VCAs with a sample and hold, also a noise generator and other many tweakable components. The overall array is designed by the fussiest design team imaginable which are the same people who made the original MS20 in the first place. The features will be about an overseen by the same engineers. The ascetic, hard-edged black-and-white stylings of the MS-20 have found a certain retro, minimalist appeal. Moreover, its look nicely reflects its sound. The hardware feels as bombproof as it looks, with the controls having a smooth thickness to turn, and with a healthy proliferation of metal in the case.

Moog Mother 32 Vs Korg MS 20

Moog Mother 32Korg MS 20
Key features- Voltage Controlled 32 Step Sequencer with 64 Sequence Locations - Low Pass & High Pass Moog Ladder Filter (20Hz"20KHz) with voltage controlled resonance - External audio input for processing outside sound sources- A full-size MS-20 that you can assemble yourself - Every aspect overseen by the original MS-20 engineers - Replicates every detail of the original, right down to the manual - Choose between early and late versions of the classic MS-20 filter

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Both Moog Mother 32 vs Korg MS 20 are semi-modular and great ways to interface with your future modular you might refer to. But, you must focus on IMO itself. It seems like MS20 is quickly over build quality, but you can really enjoy with the sound’s result. While, the Mother 32 has become integral to the modular. Either one will be awesome, good luck on your choice though!

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