Yamaha PSR E253 Vs YPT 255

There are two lines of portable keyboards that Yamaha produces, the PSR line and the YPT line. People generally agree that equivalent PSR and YPT keyboards are the same; they just have different designs and layouts. So, is there any real difference between Yamaha PSR E253 vs YPT 255? These two models are popular entry-level keyboards suitable for beginners and budget users. Continue reading below to find out!

Yamaha PSR E253 Vs YPT 255

Design and Dimensions
The overall dimensions of Yamaha PSR E253 and Yamaha YPT 255 are the same. They each measure 37-1/8” wide, 4-1/4” thick, and 12-1/2” deep. They each weigh approximately 8.81 lbs. Because of their compactness, Yamaha PSR E253 and Yamaha YPT 255 are practical and convenient keyboards suitable for beginners who want to start with something simple.

The designs make the biggest difference between these two models. Yamaha PSR E253 generally looks more elegant and professional, as the housing is almost entirely black. Regardless of your budget range, you definitely want a keyboard that looks better than the actual price. Because of this reason, Yamaha PSR E253 can be a better choice. See the previous post about Yamaha PSR E253 vs Casio CTK 2400 here!

On the other hand, Yamaha YPT 255 comes with a white center panel. It does not look as classy as Yamaha PSR E253. It looks more like a cheap beginner keyboard. If the whole keyboard were white, the look would be much more elegant. Unfortunately, the rest of the casing is black.

Nevertheless, the on-board controls and connectors of Yamaha PSR E253 and Yamaha YPT 255 are similar. Some of the buttons are color-coded to allow easy and intuitive operation. Each model is equipped with a pair of 2.5W speakers that are pretty good for practices.

Keyboard Features
The keys of Yamaha PSR E253 vs YPT 255 are similar. They both are 61-key touch-sensitive compact keyboards. A touch sensitive keyboard is not quite like a real piano, but it is pretty good to add some realism in your plays. The keys will respond to the way to play. If you hit a key hard, the produced sound will be loud. If you hit a key slowly, the produced sound will be soft.

Both Yamaha PSR E253 and Yamaha YPT 255 have 32-note polyphony. In general, such polyphony is already good enough for beginners and perhaps intermediate players. You only need a higher polyphony when playing a complex piece with lots of notes and a high tempo.

Each of them has duo mode to split the keyboard into halves. This is nice for practicing as well as for playing duets. Each model also has an aux input to connect an external audio device, 372 voices, 13 drum and SFX kits, and a recorder. Both models utilize the AWM sound engine, which is known for the excellent sound quality.

Yamaha PSR E253 Vs YPT 255

Yamaha PSR E253Yamaha YPT 255
Key features- 61 full-sized keys are great for learning and developing keyboard playing technique. - Duo mode splits the keyboard into two halves, each with their own "middle C" for practicing with a partner- Included Accessories: Samson HP30 Headphones, Bolt-On X-Style Keyboard Stand, and Power Supply - 385 high-quality voices, including pianos, guitars, drums and orchestral instruments

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The only difference between Yamaha PSR E253 and Yamaha YPT 255 is the color. Yamaha PSR E253 is generally more recommended because it looks more elegant and professional. The features are similar, and both models use the AWM sound engine which is known for the excellent sound quality.

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