Yamaha PSR E253 Vs E353

When choosing for a new keyboard, the Yamaha brand is widely considered as one of the best brands in the market. Yamaha is trusted for the quality. Their models have very good sound quality, features, and durability. In the following article, we have Yamaha PSR E253 vs E353 compared against each other. These two models are suitable for beginners. Yamaha PSR E353 is the more expensive model, and it comes with a number of improvements and additional features over Yamaha PSR E253.

Yamaha PSR E253 Vs E353

Design and Dimensions
First of all, note that Yamaha PSR E353 is a little bigger and heavier than Yamaha PSR E253. The E353 measures 945 mm wide, 368 mm deep, and 122 mm thick, with a weight of about 9.70 lbs. It sports a metallic silver color, which is classy and elegant. It is equipped with an orange backlit LCD which allows the user to read the displayed information much more easily in any lighting condition.

On the other hand, Yamaha PSR E253 is slightly smaller and lighter at 940 mm x 317 mm x 106 mm, 8.81 lbs. It has a conventional color, black, with sweet rounded edges. The controls are color-coded for easy and intuitive usage. Unfortunately, the LCD is not backlit, so the display may be difficult to read in a dark room or under direct sunlight. (Read also : Yamaha PSR E253 Vs YPT 255)

Both Yamaha PSR E253 vs E353 are 61-key keyboards, but they have different keys. Yamaha PSR E253 comes with regular keys with consistent responses. They will deliver the same loudness levels regardless of how you hit them.

On the other hand, Yamaha PSR E353 features touch-sensitive keys that respond to how you play. It is loud when you hit it hard, soft when you hit it gently. Although they are still far from real weighted piano keys, they are pretty good to get started.

Yamaha has also upgraded the built-in recorder on PSR E353. The more affordable model, PSR E253, comes with a built-in recorder that is able to store one song with one-track phrase record. This is better than having no recorder at all; the sound quality is decent, and it is quite practical.

However, Yamaha PSR E353 comes with a more powerful recorder. It is a two-track recorder that can store up to five songs. The two-track recording is useful for layering and recording in stereo.

If you want to learn playing a keyboard by using a software application, or if you want to use the keyboard for making digital music, you may want your keyboard to be able to connect to your computer. This is not possible with Yamaha PSR E253, as it has no USB port. On the other hand, Yamaha PSR E353 is equipped with a USB-to-host port, which enables you to use learning apps, DAWs, or simply download resources for the keyboard.

Other Features
Yamaha PSR E253 only has 385 instrument voices and 100 accompaniment styles. Well, that’s already quite a lot. However, Yamaha PSR E353 comes with 500 instrument voices and 130 accompaniment styles. In addition, Yamaha PSR E353 is further equipped with arpeggiator, dual mode, split mode, harmony, and melody suppressor for aux line input. The lesson modes are also more sophisticated with “Your Tempo” and “Song Master” modes.

Yamaha PSR E253 Vs E353

Yamaha PSR E253Yamaha PSR E353
Key features- 61 full-sized keys are great for learning and developing keyboard playing technique. - Duo mode splits the keyboard into two halves, each with their own "middle C" for practicing with a partner- Melody Suppressor isolates the melody of audio songs connected to the Aux Line Input jack and reduces the volume allowing you to sing along or play the lead

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Yamaha PSR E353 is an overall improvement over Yamaha PSR E253. There are many additional features that can be useful, but the most beneficial improvements are the touch-sensitive keys, USB connectivity, and backlit LCD. So, we recommend you to choose Yamaha PSR E353.

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