Yamaha CP40 Review: Excellent Professional Digital Piano

What is Yamaha CP40? It is an 88-note stage keyboard which features Yamaha’s natural wood velocity-sensitive actions that are built into weighted chassis. It has a broad soundset with extensive effects processing. It is packed with great features, with some real-time controls and USB/MIDI capabilities. Yamaha CP40 fits well in the market; it is substantially more flexible than most digital keyboards, and the sound quality is exceptional. Continue reading Yamaha CP40 review below!

Yamaha CP40 Review

Put several hours into the keys of Yamaha CP40, and you will see that this keyboard has one of the best piano actions currently available. The velocity gradation for acoustic pianos is truly wonderful, and you can easily control the sound to be very loud, very quiet, or any level in-between. The action is also suitable for all the piano, organ, and non-organ voices.

The behavior of the sustain pedal is fine. It is great and usable in most playing cases. But there are some possible quirks. It can do half-pedaling with a very quick up-down pedal stroke, but not for many times in succession like a real piano. It may also make a strange sound artifact through rapid half-pedaling with one of the acoustic piano voices, creating an unnatural chattering; but this is highly unlikely to happen in normal playing conditions unless you have an insatiable hunger to half-pedal.

Sound Quality
Yamaha CP40 uses the CFIIIS Premium Grand Piano sound engine. This sound engine is based on Yamaha’s most expensive acoustic grand piano, so be prepared to be surprised by the exceptional sound quality. It is more than capable of delivering clarity with warm presence and silky sustain, often with impressive dynamic range and responsiveness. It is suitable for pop, jazz, and classical music.

For more flexibility, Yamaha CP40 can layer two sounds, set keyboard splits, or do both at the same time. This is quite easy to get done by using the group of Main, Layer, and Split controls on the left side of the front panel. You can switch patches, set relative volumes, and turn parts on and off.

There are two multi-effects generators that can load the parts with delays, reverbs, distortions, tremolos, wahs, EQs, lo-fi treatments, and more. You can save your setup presets in the internal memory, which can store up to 128 presets.


- Includes FC3A sustain pedal and power supply - GH weighted action is heavier in the low end, lighter in the high end with excellent key stability - The CFIIIS Premium Grand Piano Voice offers a full, bright sound with resonant and authoritative bass - Virtual Circuit Modeling re-creates the sound and behavior of vintage effects and signal processors - 3-Band Master EQ with panel controls: easily adjust the overall sound to any playing situation

Yamaha CP40 is a really great stage keyboard. It has a classy look and portable design. The sound quality is outstanding, and it has enough flexibility to work for various musical needs.

Highlights of Yamaha CP40 Review
• CFIIIS Premium Grand Piano Voice for a full, bright sound with resonant, authoritative bass
• GH-weighted action is heavier in the low-end and lighter in the high-end with exceptional key stability
• Virtual Circuit Modeling for re-creating the behavior and sound of vintage effects and signal processors
• 3-Band Master EQ to easily adjust the overall sound in any playing situation
• Includes the FC3A sustain pedal and power supply

Pros of Yamaha CP40
– Very slim and compact, quite lightweight for a stage piano
– Weighted keys with great feel
– Very attractive sound
– The controls are easy to understand and use
– Helpful control features for audio files and MIDI

Price of Yamaha CP40
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