Yamaha P71 Vs P45

Do you play piano? Or are you currently learning on how to play them? If your answer is yes, then you might familiar or at least want to know about the infamous Yamaha P71 and Yamaha P45. Both of them are claimed to be beginners friendly digital piano. The Yamaha P71 is released not long after Yamaha P45. Both of them have a similar appearance and also featured with 88 Key Weighted Action Keyboard.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Yamaha P71?
– What is Yamaha P45?
– What you can expect from Yamaha P71 and Yamaha P45
– Comparison between Yamaha P71 and Yamaha P45

About Yamaha P71
Yamaha P71 is an Amazon exclusive digital piano. This variant is currently the cheapest piano from the “P” line, alongside P-45, and the more expensive one Yamaha P-115. Yamaha P71 is a full sized electric digital piano, the product was produced with 88 realistic weighted action keys to make you feel like playing a real piano. The key in this piano has been held by Yamaha’s entry-level Graded Hammer Standard, this is why they key holds the quality to a higher standard compare to some other brands.

When purchasing Yamaha P71 you can choose between two packages. You can also have the add-on pieces like an effect pedal, the piano stand, and a pair of headphones by paying a little bit more. These accessories may help you set up and play anywhere they need to. The stand also has a great quality and able to fully supports the keyboard with ease.

Another good bargain from Yamaha P71 is it has a slim width and lightweight. The depth of Yamaha P71 is less than 13 inches, this makes the piano is easy to store until it next use. P71 is also claimed to be beginning friendly, since this keyboard can provides anything you needed to get started. Yamaha P71 is created by Yamaha teaming up with Amazon with an intention to bring the customer and instrument that could guide them in the right direction musically.

Yamaha P71 Features
When using P71, the first thing you will notice might be the action and response in the weighted keyboard. While playing it you will feel like you have more control over the touch of the keyboards, and keeping your fingers not to tire too quickly. The user interface in this keyboard is also very easy to use.

Another addition to its quality Yamaha P71 also sounds pretty good. The keyboard have 10 different piano voices and instruments, so it can provide you a wide variety of options. The connectivity in P71 also allows the user to connect to any computer using the USB TO COMPUTER function.

About Yamaha P45
Yamaha P45 is a digital piano released to replace the previous P35 model as the new entry-level product in the catalog of Japanese Manufacturer. This digital piano is first announced at NAMM 2015. Yamaha P45 is a 88-key weighted action digital piano and now available worldwide. It is also one of the most affordable digital pianos on the market. Yamaha P45 shares some similar core function with P35, and also added with some interesting features like the USB connector, which will allow you to use the piano as a MIDI controller, and the doubled polyphony, which gives you more expression and richer piano sound too.

Yamaha P45 Features
Yamaha P45 is built with the same design as P35, it has a compact and lightweight chassis, it was only 25 pounds. This piano have a heavier touch in the low-end keyboard and a lighter touch in the high-end, this weighted action keyboard, making it perfect choice for beginners who just start learning to play piano.

Yamaha P45 has AWM or Advanced Wave Memory sound engine, this offers the listeners and players two great, clear, and realistic acoustic piano tones, two electric piano sounds, two organ models, two harpsichord variations, a string patch and the Yamaha’s classic vibraphone tone.

Yamaha P45’s Power Switch, Master Volume, the multi use Function button, and the two-6W integrated speakers placed at the same location as the previous model. While on the rear side you can find the new USB-to-host connector replacing the older MIDI I/O, which is a modern way to play and record your music using a computer. However the available controls in Yamaha P45 is not enough to turn this piano into a real master keyboard.

Yamaha P71 Vs P45

Yamaha P71Yamaha P45
Key features- Amazon Exclusive Model - Includes power adapter and sustain pedal - 88 fully weighted piano-style keys simulate the feel of an acoustic piano and provide a quality playing experience - Contains 10 different voices, including digitally sampled tones from real Yamaha acoustic grand pianos- GHS weighted action is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end, just like an acoustic piano. - Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling recreates natural instrument sound in stereo. - 64-note polyphony allows the player to perform moderately dense piano passages, even using heavy sustain pedal, with few or no dropped notes being cut off

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Like it had been said above both of Yamaha P71 and Yamaha P45 is both entry-level keyboard for beginners who just begin to learn on how to play piano. The features on both Yamaha P71 and Yamaha P45 are almost identical. Both of them comes equipped with the same 88 Key Weighted Action Keyboard and almost have the same all effects and sound styles. The most prominent different between both of them is Yamaha P45 somehow pricier than Yamaha P71. Currently you can get Yamaha P71 with $400 and Yamaha P45 with $450. Don’t you think it is wise to opt for the cheaper one, at least you can keep your $50 to purchase other things.

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