Yamaha P71 Vs P115

We already know about the infamous Yamaha P71, a product of Yamaha with Amazon. It is well known for its easy to use and beginner friendly features. However for you who are not satisfied with the sound produced by P71, in this article we will introduce you to another Yamaha P series, which is P115. P115 is said to be the pricier version of P71, but it also built with a better sound compare to P71.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Yamaha P71 and Yamaha P115
– What Yamaha P71 and Yamaha P115 can offer to you
– Yamaha P71 vs Yamaha P115

About Yamaha P71
Yamaha P71 is an electrical piano that was produced by Yamaha teaming up with Amazon. P71 is said to be the cheaper version of its more expensive brother the P115. The P71 is a full sized digital piano and was manufactured with 88 realistic weighted action keys. This feature will gives you the feeling as you were playing a real piano. These keys have been held by Yamaha’s entry level Graded Hammer Standard, which make it become one of higher standard compare to some other brands.

Yamaha P71 Features
This electric piano comes in two package option when you purchasing it. You can receive more accessories, such as an effect pedal, the piano stand, and also a pair if headphones, with only a few more bucks. You can use this accessories to help you set the piano and play it anywhere you want to. The stand especially have a great quality and can fully supports the keyboard. It also have a slim body and pretty lightweight. Yamaha P71 is said to be very suitable for beginners who are currently starting their music lesson. Also read our another article about Yamaha P71 vs P45.

This piano is good for beginner because it is pretty easy to use and understand. The controls are set up to be plug in and play immediately. Once you open the box, you will easily understand the piano and you will be able to start your music lesson soon.

The first thing you will notice when using this piano is the action and response in the weighted keyboard. Commonly you will feel like you have more control over the touch of the keyboard when playing it, this will benefit you, since your finger will not be tired too quickly. Yamaha P71 will give you the experience of realistic feel and response, which is quite surprising for its price but it is definitely a delight to play.

About Yamaha P115
Yamaha P115 is released to replace its predecessor the Yamaha P105. This electric piano is built with the same feature as you can found in P105 and P255. P115 has the 88 realistic weighted action keys. This piano is using the sound recorded from Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano, which have been in a concert hall around the world. Compare to the P105, this piano has a better sound, it is clearer, and has more vibrant sound that can represent a real acoustic piano. P115 has built-in true circle speaker that can produce full low frequencies and pure bright tones.

Yamaha P115 Features
If you like to record your song into digital audio workstation, with the USB cable you can connect your electric piano to your PC. This feature will make you can record anytime you want in case you are a forgetful person.
Taken from Yamaha, Yamaha P115 have the Graded Hammer technology, means that this piano have the feel of real piano with greater register resistance in the lower register and less resistance in the higher register. This feature will let you experience the resistance feels when playing on an acoustic piano.

Another features included in P115 are it has instruments options like the grand piano, Wurlitzer, and Rock organ. This piano also has 10 piano styles, which allow you to play a chord and choose a style, so the keyboard will act as an accompanist, playing chords in the chosen style, and leaving your hand free to create a fuller melodies.
Yamaha P115 also has an improved connectivity, you can connect the piano to PC or tablet much easier. This piano also has an USB to Host Connectivity and Digital Piano Controller app for iOs devices. Using this app, you can control the keyboard from your iOs device, this will make changing settings and sounds more convenient. However, you have to connect it with cable into your phone, since there is no wireless option to do so.

Yamaha P71 Vs P115

Yamaha P71Yamaha P115
Key features- Amazon Exclusive Model - Includes power adapter and sustain pedal - 88 fully weighted piano-style keys simulate the feel of an acoustic piano and provide a quality playing experience - Contains 10 different voices, including digitally sampled tones from real Yamaha acoustic grand pianos- Bundle includes Yamaha P115B 88-Key Graded Hammer Standard Digital Piano with Knox Keyboard Stand and Knox Bench - 192-note polyphony ensures the suppression of dropped notes even with simultaneous Dual and Split modes and a drum pattern playing

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When you have to compare between the two electric pianos, what you have to consider the sound and price. Both of Yamaha P71 and P115 have similar features, but certainly the P115 have better qualities than P71. The Yamaha P115 able to gives more control over the feel and the sensitivity to the keys, and will ease you to fit your own playing style. Yamaha P115 also has the built in speaker system with clearer and clean audio resonance. When you hear their sound you will definitely notice that P115 has a better sound than P71. The P115 is more expensive but if you don’t mind on spending more, the P115 does worth it.

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