Casio PX160 Vs Yamaha P115

Being in the market for middle range electric piano, makes Casio PX160 and Yamaha P115 a rival, both of them is marketed towards beginner, who just starting their music journey. Among those many electric keyboard available, these two provide a really good quality inside the range of price. If you are a beginner and just recently want to start to learn how to play a piano, in this article we will introduce you to Casio and Yamaha electric piano, which may suit your preference.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Casio PX160 and Yamaha P115
– What Casio PX160 and Yamaha P115 can offer to you
– Casio PX160 vs Yamaha P115

About Casio PX160
Casio PX160 is one of many keyboards that Cassio has been made in these few recent years, what makes this keyboard special is to whom this keyboard is marketed towards. This keyboards is in fact marketed towards the entry level market, which has designed for beginners who currently looking for an affordable good quality electric piano to start their journey.

Casio PX160 Features
When you look at it the first time you will notice that PX 160 has few different things from many electric piano out there. This PX 160 is surely one of the most attractive piano for beginner available in the market. This keyboard come in different colors, one is a solid black and the other is a muted gold color, these color look very good and will suitable to be put anywhere. The body itself is pretty sleek with the top where the controller placed is thicker.

PX 160 is built with 88 key, when you look at the piano you will notice the sturdy and throughout build. The plastic body is having some few separate parts, which lead to a solid construction that will make it feels great and doesn’t feel very fragile. You will find that everything in this electric piano is laid out in an intuitive and simple that will make it perfect for people who just begin to learn the ropes to play piano. For beginners, we think you will not find any complex menu in this piano, because everything you need to do will be displayed with the set of controls located in front of you.

The Casio PX 160 supports 128-voice polyphony, which already a standard in many higher-end keyboards. With this we are sure, you are going to be happy finding this feature in this affordable piano. The last thing we are going to highlight is the speaker in PX 160, which is another impressive thing this piano has. The quality is impressively high for a piano that was marketed towards beginners.

About Yamaha P115
Yamaha P115 is said to be the electric piano released by Yamaha to replace their bestselling predecessor P105. Both of them have some similar features along with the P115. When talking about this P115, the first thing that will catch our attention is definitely the “pure CF sound engine” this electric piano have. Also read our other article about Yamaha P71 vs P115 here.

Yamaha P115 Features
Yamaha P115 does boast the sound recorded from Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano, taken from their homepage, the piano that has been around many concert hall all around the world. If you compare the P115 from its predecessor P105 you will notice that even though both of them has the same CF sound engine, the new P115 does sound better. P105 able to produce clearer sound, more vibrant and represent better of an acoustic piano. The circle speakers built in this piano produce full low frequencies and pure bright tones in the higher register.

Aside from those features mentioned above the P115 also has some instruments, such as the grand piano, bright piano, Wurlitzer, and rock organ. Other than that this electric piano has ten available piano styles, with this feature you can play a chord and choose a style, such as the “boogie woogie” this will make the keyboard acts as the accompanist, playing the chord in a chosen style, while leaving your hand free to make a fuller melodies.

Other additional feature that set this piano apart from its predecessor is the connectivity. P115 has more than one options to connectivity, this will make connecting it to computer easier than P105. It has USB to Host connectivity and also the new “Digital Piano Controller” app that can be used in iOs devices. This app will make the user able to control the keyboard using the device that making it easier for you to change the setting and sound. The only minus is that it only work through USB cable, if it were wireless connection it would be better.

Casio PX160 Vs Yamaha P115

Casio PX160Yamaha P115
Key features- The pure functions produced by the digital piano make its 18 authentic piano tones sound even better to the ear - Launching into multi-dimensional AiR sound generation becomes a pleasure with the new PX-160- GHS weighted 88-key action is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end, just like an acoustic piano. - Amplifiers 7 W x 2.The Pure CF Sound Engine faithfully reproduces the tone of a meticulously sampled Yamaha's acclaimed 9' CFIIIS concert grand piano

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When deciding which to buy between P115 and PX160, the most important aspects is which suit your skill level. We think that P115 is more suitable for more experienced players at intermediate level with those more functionality and effects along with more rhythm samples. While PX160 have less features than P115 and is more suitable for beginner. With the price gap about $179, we think it is wise to choose the PX160 if you are a new starter.

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