Alesis Coda Pro Vs Yamaha P115

Nowadays you don’t have to own a grand piano to experience the feel of playing one, many electronics keyboards has been made with 88 key to give you the similar experience without having to purchase the expensive grand piano. This features also suitable for beginners that still in the early stage of playing piano. In this article we will give you an information about two famous electronic pianos that may suit your preference, they are Alesis Coda Pro and Yamaha P115.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Alesis Coda Pro and Yamaha P115
– What Alesis Coda Pro and Yamaha P115 able to do
– Alesis Coda Pro vs Yamaha P115

About Alesis Coda Pro
The Alesis Coda Pro is an electric piano that was introduced back then at NAMM 2015. The piano is marketed towards beginner and intermediate who just begin or still learn how to play piano. Taken from Alesis site, this piano is designed with portability and affordability in mind, however this piano also strongly focused on sound and overall quality you would looking up in a digital piano. This piano is built with an 88-key weighted action keyboard, which is clearly better for piano learners, teachers, and also live musician.

Alesis Coda Pro Features
Here is the best features you can expect from Alesis Coda Pro:
• Impressive portability, weigh only 27 pound and has a measurements 59” x 19” x 9”, making this piano is easy to be carry and placed anywhere.
• It is a full sized keyboard, featured with 88 hammer action sensitive keys, which will give you the experience of playing a real piano.
• It has metronome and 50 accompaniment styles, such as slow rock, jazz pub, and many others on it board.
• It has 20 built in voices, such as grand piano, harpsichord, organ, and many other, with these you can add more beauty into your practice and performance.
• The sound on this piano can be layer or used individually with layer or split option.
• The sound source of this piano comes from industry leading AIR and SONiVOX software developers, making this piano a versatile instrument that are packed with all ideal elements.
• It also has 64 polyphony, which makes this piano can be heard with its 64 voice polyphony. With this you can choose any style of piano you want and keep more notes while pressing the pedal.
• The Alesis Coda Pro also includes 60 preset songs, with this you can practice and improve your playing skills. These songs comes from different genres, so you can practice different styles of music.
• This piano also able to record your playing, using the user record mode.
• Alesis Coda Pro also featured with a loud built in speaker that will give you sufficient sound to listen to your practice and performance.
• With its sound effect you can add versatility to this piano and making the sound richer, deeper and more expressive.
• You can connect this piano to your computer through is USB MIDI port, this will give you complete access on your instrument plug-ins and software. It also has an AUX, so you can add external sound such as drums and the Aux output will connect it to recorders, mixers etc.
• You also can plug your headphone to enjoy quite practicing.

About Yamaha P115
The Yamaha P115 is the successor of its previous version the P105. The company claims that this piano is designed to be easy to be carried around by professional performer without burdening them with lengthy and complex arrangements. This is why this piano comes with the keyboard itself, a music stand to hold your music sheets, and some accessories. To set this piano is very simple, you can place it on a desk or with an optional double X stand, what you have to do is simply putting the foot pedal and place your music sheets. If you are interested on other Yamaha piano, you can also read our previous article about Yamaha P71 vs P115 here.

Here are some key features on Yamaha P115:
• Ease of playing, similar to its predecessor the P105, this piano has the premium keyboards. It was built with the 88 keys that mimic the different weights of the chords in grand piano. The matte color this piano has also give it more of a premium look and also helped it avoid scratches.
• Sound, when you compare this piano sound to its previous version you will notice that the sound quality in Yamaha P115 is better. You can say that all of the 14 sounds provide by this piano is crisp, but there are some people who found the jazz and rock organ to be an octave higher, which might be the matter of preference rather than a technical precision.
• Acoustic feature, this piano contains the recorded sound of the grand piano CFIIIS, which the users found the sound reproduction to be very accurate.
• Yamaha P115 also comes with 10 piano styles, which will allow you to play a chord on your chosen style; with this your keyboard can act as an accompanist and leaving your hand s free to create fuller melodies.
• In controls, Yamaha P115 comes with an iOs app that allows its users to control the piano using their devices; this might be the reason why this piano doesn’t come with an LCD panel.
• In connectivity, this piano can be connected to earphone/headphones.

Alesis Coda Pro Vs Yamaha P115

Alesis Coda ProYamaha P115
Key features- 88-key hammer-action keyboard with aux input for playing alongside external equipment - 20 built-in voices, with ability to split or layer two voices simultaneously- GHS weighted 88-key action is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end, just like an acoustic piano. - Amplifiers 7 W x 2.The Pure CF Sound Engine faithfully reproduces the tone of a meticulously sampled Yamaha's acclaimed 9' CFIIIS concert grand piano

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As is have been explained above, we can see clearly that Yamaha P115 is lacks in some features compare to Alesis Coda Pro, such as the MIDI port and the LCD. Some people might be unbothered with these lacks on Yamaha P115 but if you prefer those lacks features, we recommend you to choose the Alesis Coda Pro.

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