Korg PA300 Vs PA600

Korg is a familiar name in the electric keyboards industry. Their products are always has a good quality and many of them comes in an affordable price. In today article we are going to compare the PA300 and PA600 to help you with providing some brief information about them and help you choose which one you want to purchase. Both of these unit comes from the same line but differs in the inside features.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Korg PA300 and PA600
– Korg PA300 and PA600 Features
– Korg PA300 vs PA600

About Korg PA300
Korg PA300 is one of the newest keyboard released by Korg in the Pa series. The design of Korg PA300 is pretty compact and easy to carry, while coming in an inexpensive price, make it suitable for those with limited budget who want a good quality keyboard that won’t drain their wallet. The Korg PA300 is a professional keyboards that is well designed and has an amazing sound.

Korg PA300 Features
The unit comes with a bunch of features, such as RX (Real eXperience) Sound engine editor that able to produce quite vivid sound. It has massive internal Factory, it has tons of built –in styles and effects to enhance its flexibility, it has Compact plastic cabinet with built in amplification system, and it has 5” TouchView color TFT display. You can read our other Keyboards review on Alesis Recital vs Williams Legato here.

Among those features, the most interesting is the enhanced RX sound engine that loaded with 950 sounds including 64 drum-kits, 4 stereo effects processor and 4 band parametric EQ on the output to help the user adapting the keyboards to different live settings. You can even find an MP3 player and upgradable operating system in Korg PA300.

As you can expect from Korg, this unit is also featured with weighted keys to give the users the similar experience as playing the real piano. The quality and feel of the keys also does not disappoint the users, since the 61-synth keys will provide with the royal experience that won’t make you complaint about any of it.

About Korg PA600
Korg PA600 is one keyboard under the Pa series made by Korg. The Pa here is shorten of Professional Arranger. Similar to its big brothers, PA600 is featured with RX and DNC technology to deliver sound quality that is unprecedented in an arrange keyboards. Korg PA600 is said to be easy to play and will not confused the users with complicated features. The design is also well thought and will give you much efficiency while playing it.

Korg PA600 Features
Korg PA600 featured with 125 built-in effects to assist the users with their performances. As expected from Korg, you can say that they are never disappoint you in their sound quality, they can produced outstanding studio quality effects that are simply amazing. The unit also comes with four stereo Master Effect processors contains reverb, delay, and chorus as well as acclaimed REMS guitar-based effects for authentic guitar tones.

Similar to the PA300 mentioned above, the PA600 can be enjoyed by the beginner through to the professional player, so basically the keyboards are suitable for everyone. The unit is very straightforward and has clean interface, so the users will not be confused with multiple levels and settings.

Korg PA300 Vs PA600

Korg PA300Korg PA600
Key features- Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) sound engine offers improved realism and vivid sound - Massive internal Factory PCM equivalent to the best-selling Pa600 - Elegantly designed and compact cabinet includes a pristine amplification system- Enhanced RX and DNC sound engine offers improved realism and vivid sound - Massive internal PCM delivers high quality sounds and hundreds of expressive Styles - Two versions of Pa600 are available: International and Quarter Tone button variations

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Reading those information above, we know that PA300 and PA600 are bound with some differences. From their design, both of them look very similar but of course the inside features are different. Both of them has TFT display which will ease their users while using the unit. One of their difference is the Mp3 player, which is present in PA600 and not in PA300. The PA600 is also enhanced in Guitar Mode 2 for even more realistic guitar parts with additional synchronized pads. If you have the budget and don’t mind about spending more, we highly recommend you the PA600.

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