KORG MS20 vs Minimoog

KORG MS20 and Minimoog are often compared for one sole reason, which one is the best monophonic synthesizer. Both unit has their own impressive features, but may not suitable or match everyone style. So if you are currently looking for more information about both of them, read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about;
– What is KORG MS20 and Minimoog
– What KORG MS20 and Minimoog can offer to you
– KORG MS20 vs Minimoog

About KORG MS20
KORG MS20 Mini is a monophonic analog synthesizer by KORG, which originally released in 1978 but then discontinued in 1983. The product has been re-released in 2013 due to the popularity of dance and electronic music. This machine has the ability to crate twisted sounds, killer FX, drum hits and staple leads and basses featured with its relatively stable tuning, easy mod-ability and tough build even more adding to its popularity.

KORG MS20 Features
The new version is smaller than the original with 86% smaller than the predecessor. KORG has built KORG MS20 Mini with the same core components except the voltage controlled amp, which has been improved to be less noisy. KORG shrank the patchbay and traded the ¼” phono jacks for 1/8” mini jacks to make extra room. To use it, you can plug your guitar or microphone directly into KORG MS20 Miniand start tweaking. Using the machine external signal processor section, you will be able to use almost any sound source to control the pitch or volume as you wish. This new version of KORG MS20 Mini comes with advanced connectivity using MIDI and USB. You can easily incorporate this machine with your keyboard rig or you may also add a full-sized keyboard to gain access to a much wider note range while the USB port will offer you to integrate KORG MS20 Mini with your studio DAW. If you are interested on other KORG products, read our article on KORG PA300 vs PA600 here.

About Minimoog
Minimoog is similar to KORG MS20 we have talked above, it is as monophonic analog synthesizer, which invented by Bill Hemsath and Robert Moog. The machine was initially released in 1970 by R.A Moog Inc., but the production was stopped in 1981. Minimoog then redesigned by Robert Moog in 2002 and released under the name Minimoog Voyager. The one in our picture above is the reissued of the pilot production or called Moog Minimoog Model D, which is reissued in 2016 but then again stopped in 2017.

Minimoog Features
New version of Minimoog still have three oscillator monophonic synth with white or pink noise, which is the most desirable filter by many people because of its user friendliness. It is nice to know that the traditional design is still maintained in this new version. Minimoog comes with locking 4-pin XLR connector, while even though it is hard to replace quickly, it can deliver stable 100-240 VAC;50/60Hz. This machine also has the 44-key Fatar spring action, which is pleasantly responsive and refined. Located at the far left, you can find pitch and modulation wheels. Minimoog now have MIDI In and Out and MIDI Thru, but sadly they doesn’t include aftertouch and modulation.

Now, let’s compare both KORG MS20 and Minimog. First, KORG MS20 is has true sample and hold, while this is not present in Minimoog. KORG MS20 ladder filter saturates merely by increasing resonance for each filter, while Minimoog doesn’t saturates much without the feedback trick or another hot signal to the input. KORG MS20 is good for scream, while Minimoog is good for creamy bass and lead screaming.

KORG MS20 vs Minimoog

KORG MS20Minimoog
Key features- Self-oscillating high-pass/low-pass filters with distinctive distortion - External signal processor (ESP) - Flexible patching system - USB MIDI plus 5-pin MIDI - Voltage control oscillator is the source of all sound for the MS-20 synthesizer- One of the most anticipated events in electronic instrument production for 2016 is the resumed production of the Minimoog Model D - It is a direct resumption of the original manufacturing process, by the original manufacturer, using original parts, and for the original user (you)

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All in all, the choice is depend on what kind of synthesizer you want. In our opinion KORG MS20 offer greater other features and more flexible and the filters is lot more fun. You may also take the price into consideration, since Minimoog now is pretty expensive, so we will highly recommend you to choose KORG MS20.

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