Fender FA 100 Vs FA 115

Looking for an acoustic guitar is sure not an easy task, moreover, if you don’t have people around you who can lead and help recommending the right model for new learner, so you have to do all the research yourself. In today Fender FA 100 vs FA 115 article, let us recommend you two among the most popular guitar for beginner by Fender and what they can offer to you as well as how they are separated from each other. If you are interested, go check our article below.

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– What Fender FA 100 and FA 115 can offer to you
– Fender FA 100 vs FA 115

About Fender FA 100
We are sure even though you never play an instrument before especially guitar, you must already familiar with Fender. This well-known company are among the best out there when it comes to guitar and bass guitar. Being available since 1946 making their name is famous across generations. Besides offering instruments for professional players, they also got so many options for beginner and one of them is FA 100 acoustic guitar which is a great pick for any new player since even though it is affordable, the quality is fairly good.

Fender FA 100 Design
Looking at Fender FA 100 from the outside, there is nothing special with this dreadnought guitar. You can pick it with different finishes including natural, sunburst, natural satin, and black. As for the material itself, the guitar back material is made with agathis, basswood for the side material, chrome tuners, laminate wood body material with a standard gloss finish. To ease people who just start learning, you can purchase the guitar in a pack together with its guitar picks, tuners, and instructional DVD.

Fender FA 100 Capabilities
One of the best thing about FA 100 is because it is made by Fender which is known to produce high quality products with the long history and experience they have. For those who are not familiar with the term to call each guitar design, this one is coming in a classic dreadnaught shape and even though many other companies tried to transform some of their products, Fender is keeping their with a traditional look reminiscing old-school guitars. (Read also : Fender FA-100 Vs CD-60)

Just like what you already know, in instrument like guitars, it is hard to notice their difference just by looking at their design since they are practically the same but you will know which one is better when try playing them. Fender FA 100 is said to be able to produce not only beautiful melody that emanates from it but the overall body will also fit comfortably in your arms. The sound is similar to those with higher price and you will notice the brightness of the sound when you try playing it.

The guitar string is close to each other which is why it is easier to play or low action. Fretting will be almost effortless if played by people who already get hold of the basic guitar play but if you are a beginner, you will still experience buzzing noise when the string touch other frets, but it is common, so just keep learning.

About Fender PA 115
The option for friendly guitar options for beginner is not stopping here because they are still some of them left and one of them is still coming from the same manufacturer which is Fender FA 115. Before we are moving to what it looks like and what it can offer to you as a beginner guitar, you may want to know that this model is actually the continuation of PA 100 and when this article is written, the company also already launching the newer model, but let’s not digging too deep into it now.

Fender PA 115 Design
From the outside, Fender FA 115 looks exactly like PA 100 and we are sure most of us won’t be able to tell their difference if not going into the product specification and find every little things that changed in this model. It is still coming with dreadnaught body shape, 6 strings, body top from spruce, back from laminated mahogany, sides also from mahogany, nato for the neck and fretboard from laminated hardwood while the finish itself is glossy.

Fender PA 115 Capabilities
As it has been mentioned earlier that the PA 115 is the newer model of PA 100 even though you can still get the previous one in a more affordable price easily today. Fender has been known to make good quality product even in a cheaper price and if their previous beginner model is coming with a laminated top, they decide to offer a higher quality product and changed some of its material but still in the range of beginner level.

The prominent changed here in this model is because now they are not using spruce top anymore but straight to use solid spruce for the body material. This is something that you are not usually see in beginner level guitar but because Fender is improving their game, we are sure many other companies are going to keep up with them by also introducing similar upgrade. What makes solid spruce special is because it is strong and compliment a huge variety of playing styles as well as able to provide a dynamic range.

The beautiful sound it can produce will definitely attract many people not only those in entry-level. Fender PA 115 is said to give you a loud, defined and strong upper ranges but you can also notice there is a pleasing presence of the lower-end basses.

Now, let’s compare Fender FA 100 with Fender FA 115. As you may already know after reading our article above, these two entry-level guitars are a great choice for those who don’t want to spend so much but still want to get a decent quality. However, the one that separates them from each other prominently is the material because PA 115 is using solid spruce while PA 100 is using laminate spruce. This difference will also mirrored in the soundboard strength, acoustic resonance and sound projection.

Fender FA 100 Vs FA 115

Fender FA 100Fender FA 115
Key features- Everything you need to start playing straight out of the box - Full-size dreadnought body for full and vibrant tone, suited for all styles of music - 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays- Dreadnought body style - Spruce top with "X"-bracing, basswood back and sides - 20-fret rosewood fingerboard - Hardwood bridge with compensated saddle - Natural gloss finish

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, if you are beginner, you may won’t be able to notice their difference instantly but since PA 115 is in fact coming with better material to produce better sound than the previous model, we will highly recommend you Fender PA 115 to accompany your journey.

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