Yamaha FG800 vs Fender CD 60S

Guitar is one of the most popular musical instrument played by so many people these days from professional until those casual players who play just want to have some fun. For this market particularly, you probably don’t want to spend so much and this is why looking for good yet affordable item is important. Two great guitars you can opt to in the current market are Yamaha FG800 vs Fender CD 60S and if you are confused about which to choose between the two, check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Yamaha FG800 and Fender CD 60S
– What Yamaha FG800 and Fender CD 60S Look Like
– What Yamaha FG800 and Fender CD 60S can offer to you
– Yamaha FG800 vs Fender CD 60S

About Yamaha FG800
Just like any other products, it is easier to find a good and dependable ones with a higher price than looking for some with a similar quality but offered in friendlier tag which is why we need to search for some information first before deciding to purchase something. This is also applied when you are looking for a guitar and this is why Yamaha FG800 will be a good option because with the low price, you can already get a quality guitar that put performance first. Read also: Yamaha FG800 vs Seagull S6 here.

Yamaha FG800 Design
As you can see, Yamaha FG800 has a dreadnaught design which is probably the most popular type from long time ago even until now. Even though this model doesn’t include some of the big brother’s upgraded aesthetic, we can agree that this one is indeed still a good looking guitar. This guitar is made with a mix of scalloped-braced solid sitka spruce in the top and laminated nato which is a type of eastern mahogany for the back and sides. Overall, it gives and feel very well-made.

Yamaha FG800 Features
There are numerous product on the FG line and there are also many of them placed above the FG800 but thankfully the company decide to offer the same components on for this guitar as those priced higher, so you also can expect some enhanced reliability, consistency, and the tone of this acoustic guitar. Its headstock is equipped with a set of sealed die-cast chrome tuners to make you guitar stay in tune longer and prevent you from tuning them too often. At the bottom you can find a urea nut and saddle together with the rosewood bridge.

Thanks to all the quality material they put and use for this guitar, Yamaha FG800 is able to give one of the best sound in the price range. The sound is very loud and resonant which is just like the characteristic of dreadnaught design combined with the scalloped bracing. If compared to those with rosewood back and side, this guitar is indeed have a lighter tone but it is still sweet and warm with a good balance of brightness. We think that this sound is quite rare for the price you pay.

In the comfort side, just like what you can expect from a dreadnaught, it provides a good handling and the overall look with a sleek, glossy finish while the black and white multi-ply binding will give Yamaha FG800 some character that please the eye. Its neck is joined at the 14th fret and still made with the same material as its back and side from nato with a satin finish that gives a comfortable feeling when held.

About Fender CD 60S
Looking for an affordably good guitar is hard but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a couple or more of the items if you look closely because Fender CD 60S is also a good option if you have limited budget without scarifying the quality. This one is part of the brand’s Classic Design series and it is especially good to suit beginners or first time users who want to start learning to play the instrument due to its easy playability while also offering a plenty of room to grow.

Fender CD 60S Design
If you ever held a Fender before, you will understand that there is nothing feels like holding the real unit in your hand and this is also applied to this budget guitar. It has a dreadnaught design with an option to pick either glossy or natural finish and no matter which you choose, it won’t change the fact that Fender CD 60S is a good-looking one. If you choose the natural finish, you can see the solid spruce grains for the top while the back and side is made from mahogany.

Fender CD 60S Features
Looking through this guitar, the hardware is also commendable and you don’t have an electronic connectivity here which is fine since beginner mostly won’t need it for now. The tuners are chrome die-cast with a quality rosewood bridge combined with the company’s Dura-Tone coated strings but the plastic nut is nothing special. Depend on the seller, you will have a set of accessories coming with the guitar such as electric tuner and plectrums which are great for new learner starting their journey.

When looking for a guitar or any musical instrument, of course the most important thing is how good the sound they can emit and this also one of the biggest flaw in many affordable guitars but as we mentioned earlier, Fender CD 60S is made with solid sitka spruce top and mahogany back and side which is one of the most common pairing and when tested, the result proved to be very pleasing because it gives a versatile, lively and a very well-balanced tone.

Overall, it has a good brightness and a nice warmth while the dreadnaught body provide a strong and robust projection. Solid wood itself will promise you an open up and further warmth as time goes by.

Now, let’s compare Yamaha FG800. As you may already know, both of them comes with the same specification as well as the material used to build the body together with the bracing because they used the similar scalloped bracing which give them a better response, more bass, and may be louder than those with straight braces.

Yamaha FG800 vs Fender CD 60S

Yamaha FG800Fender CD 60S
Key features- Solid Sitka Spruce Top - Nato Back & Sides - Rosewood Fingerboard - Rosewood Bridge - Diecast Tuners - This guitar has an adjustable truss rod- Quality solid spruce top - Dreadnought body style - Mahogany back and sides - Easy-to-play neck with rolled fingerboard edges - Responds well to any acoustic playing style

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a wonderful option for beginner or when you just need one for casual playing. However, considering the price, if you want to save more, we will recommend you Yamaha FG800 since it is more affordable.

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