Seagull S6 Vs Taylor Big Baby

Guitar is indeed one of the most popular musical instrument that attract so many players even until this date. They are also available everywhere where musical instruments are being sold but looking for a decent and affordable ones is another task to do. Seagull S6 vs Taylor Big Baby are two great option to pick if you are looking for a good quality guitar but don’t want to spend so much. Go check our article below to see which unit suit your taste the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Seagull S6 and Taylor Big Baby
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– What Seagull S6 and Taylor Big Baby can offer to you
– Seagull S6 vs Taylor Big Baby

About Seagull S6
Seagull is not some unknown brand in the musical instrument history because they are already exist since decades ago when first introduced by Robert Goldin in 1982. What makes them popular is not only the quality how they are made but also the low price, so those with less to spend won’t need to dig in too deep to be able to play a good guitar. S6 itself also had been exist in the 90s but the one we are talking now is the newer model which they called S6 Original for some reason as opposed to the more expensive S6 Cedar Slim.

Seagull S6 Design
As you can see, this guitar is coming with a standard dreadnaught design which makes the instrument have a bolder and perhaps a richer and louder tone. Just like when you are looking for any guitar, one of the most important thing is deciding what kind of tone wood you want and as an affordable unit, S6 is already using a decent ones such as solid cedar top while the back and side is made with laminated wild cherry wood. Read also: Seagull S6 vs Yamaha FG830 here.

Seagull S6 Features
After you are informed about the material, now is the time to see if this guitar will emits the sound you will like or not, many people even won’t able to distinguish the sound from this guitar to those of a more high-end ones because it is just that good. When you hear it while being played, there are a subtle twang in its tone and matched with its full-bodied resonance as well as an excellent sustain. Thanks to the cedar top, Seagull S6 will reveal its maturity beyond the years.

Compared to other common material like spruce, cedar will require less playing and can deliver the better sound faster, so you won’t wait too long to get it to the best part. This material also popular between players who are seeking for warmer-sounding tone wood that will deliver a good response to finger picking method. However, it doesn’t mean that those who prefer strumming wont love this guitar because its 648mm scale length will put the aforementioned plenty of twang in the strings which makes it versatile enough to handle both.

Even though this guitar has a slim profile from the outside, you will see that it is made to be robust when trying handling them thanks to the silver leaf maple neck. As you can see, Seagull S6 is using a snake-hipped headstock which is probably not preferred by many people aesthetically but this design is thought to provide straight path for the strings to its top nut and tuners resulting in a better tuning stability.

About Taylor Big Baby
It is always good to have another option when purchasing something since you can broaden your views and Seagull is not the only big player in this market because Taylor also have a good starter guitar for those with less to spend yet still want to have a quality guitar with their Big Baby. This model is Taylor’s respond to the surprisingly popular smallest, least expensive Baby which is released back then in 1996. To put it simply, this is the full version or the original Baby.

Taylor Big Baby Design
If you only look at it from the picture, you probably won’t notice that Big Baby is coming in 15/16 the size of regular dreadnaught design guitars because even though this guitar have the scale length of 25.5 inches, it actually only have depth measuring about 4 inches which is half an inch from what’s common. This size is what make the guitar easier to carry around while traveling without scarifying quality. It also has matte finish and made with solid Sitka spruce for the top while the back and side as well as the neck is made from Sapele.

Taylor Big Baby Capabilities
Just as you may already know, the crucial element when searching for a guitar is the choice of tone woods and thanks to the solid Sitka spruce top, you will get the right balance of stiffness and elasticity to give you that dynamic range and crisp articulation as an entry-level guitar. Since the back and side is also layered, you will get a sturdy platform to avoid buzz but still able to feel the vibration from top and bottom.

Overall, Taylor Big Baby has lighter, brighter, and more articulate sounding which somehow makes it good for fingerpicking. The minimalist construction and finishing gives a responsive capability with an excellent projection as well as clarity, so it will also require less effort to produce a fairly poky output. Even though it may sound a bit thin on the highest string notes and a tad lightweight in its bass registers, this guitar offer a satisfying growling mid-range and excitable top-end sparkle.

Big Baby’s headstock is veneered with Lexan and has solid sextet of tuners while the nuts and saddles are non-brand. This guitar also use solid ebony for the bridge which finely buffed and bevel-edge.

Now, let’s compare Seagull S6 with Taylor Big Baby. As you may already know, the prominent difference between both guitars are the material they used because S6 is using cedar for the top and rose wood for the back and sides while Big Baby used Sitka spruce top and Sapele back and sides. As for the sound, based on the tonewoods, S6 will produce warmer sound while Big Baby will have clear and lighter sound.

Seagull S6 Vs Taylor Big Baby

Seagull S6Taylor Big Baby
BrandSeagullTaylor Guitars
Key features- Made in North America - Select Pressure Tested Top - Double Action Truss Rod - Tapered Headstock for precise and stable tuning and great for open tunings- 15/16 Size Dreadnought - 1 11/16 inch Nut Width - 24 7/8 inch Scale Length - Solid Sitka Spruce - Sapele Back/Sides

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are good option based on your preference but if you are looking the one with a warmer sound or the most affordable, we will recommend you to choose Seagull S6.

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