Fender FA-115 vs CD-60S

Being able to play an instrument is fun but to achieve certain level of skills, we need to practice routinely. One of the most popular instrument played today is guitar and to accompany your journey, Fender FA-115 vs CD-60S are two great beginner models to choose. They are offering a very pleasing sounds and are fairly affordable for many to purchase. If you are also interested in these models, go check what they can offer below to see which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which guitar suit you the most
– What are Fender FA-115 and CD-60S
– What Fender FA-115 and CD-60S Look Like
– What Fender FA-115 and CD-60S are made of
– What Fender FA-115 and CD-60S can offer to you
– How are the Sound of Fender FA-115 and CD-60S
– Fender FA-115 vs CD-60S

Choosing Guitar
Many people loves listening to music and there are a huge amount of the sum who also loves playing them with an instrument whether it is just to spend some leisure time or to actually learning on how to compose their own music. There are so many musical instruments out there and there is no one better than the rest because just like our favorite genre, it all comes to personal preference so we should follow what fits in our hand and heart.

Among all of them, the most popular being played casually today will be either piano or guitar because compared to many others, these two are often taught since young ages and developed as the player grow up. Piano is probably harder for casual players because not only it needs more time to learn playing properly, the instrument is also more expensive compared to guitars that can be purchased almost by anyone depend on the brand and of course the quality level.

If you are planning on learning a guitar or polish the theory and basic skill you have learnt before, owning one at home will be a great help because then we can play and practice anytime. The first thing we have to consider when looking for any instrument including guitar is the budget because depend on how much you can spend, the unit we can opt to will be different. For beginner, it is better to choose a more affordable option first rather than spending much already.

The next step is deciding on which type of guitar to choose because in general there are 3 of them; the classic guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. For beginner or learner, the last option can be removed since it is easier to learn with an acoustic model first and if you want to further improve the skill or cover some songs, we can then pick an electric guitar. Some people may confuse a classic and acoustic guitar but they are actually different.

A classic guitar is essentially an acoustic model but is a little smaller in body size and in comparison have a wider neck. In addition, as opposed to an acoustic guitar that is strung with steel strings, this guitar is strung with nylon strings. This string is thicker so beginner can pluck it with ease and designed to be plucked rather than being strum. In sound nuance, a nylon string is not as bright as the steel brother, making a classic guitar have its own distinctive sound.

About Fender FA-115 and CD-60S
If you already making up the mind to learn how to play a guitar or improving your basic skill, now is the time to find the most suitable model in the market. Guitar is popular so there are so many manufacturers making them nowadays, some are offering a good quality for the budget we spent while some may not and this is what makes it hard to differentiated one to another. If you don’t have much time or patient in going to an actual shop, looking for what the other similar users also use is a quick shortcut.

One of the most popular brand of guitar is Fender and we are sure almost all people who are interested in playing an instrument or music in general already familiar with this name, more importantly if your favorite guitarist is using the same brand as well. This well-known name is among the best option for various players because not only they are offering good items for professional users, their beginner level models are also trusted and provide easy playability with more room to grow.

Two of their beginner model we can pick today are Fender FA-115 and CD-60S. While they are offered no more than $250, the material and build are like those in higher prices and talking about price, the first model is even cheaper. They are often said as a great deal for the price range because we no longer getting laminated top for either of them. Read also: Fender FA 100 vs FA 115 here.

Fender FA-115 and CD-60S Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, these two are a regular acoustic guitars so there is no interesting thing happening on the outside and they look just like any similar models out there. First, these two are dreadnaught shaped which is the most common shape in acoustic guitar with name based on a British Battleship. Fender FA-115 and CD-60S are made from the same material Spruce but in case you want something more expensive, the CD-60S is also available in all-mahogany style.

As for the appearance, the first model is coming with a sleek black, shiny finish, natural, or sunburst color shade while the latter is subtler with natural gloss. They are coming in set or package especially the CD-60S which already has all the accessories we may need while exercising the skill later.

Fender FA-115 and CD-60S Body
Just like you may already know, guitar sounds may differ from one another, even those in the same range so it can be complicated when you are not going to the store and check how they sounds like but, there is a way to know whether they will suit your taste or not without playing the actual unit and it is by how they are built or the material and features available since they are affecting how the sound will turn out when played.

When you put them side by side, it will be hard to tell them apart from each other because they are virtually the same especially when you choose the natural finish. They equally built in 25.3” scale length with the dreadnaught body, both have spruce on top complimented with laminated mahogany on the back and sides. As for the neck, you may see that CD-60S is made from mahogany but it is the eastern mahogany or also called nato, the same like we get in FA-115.

They are “easy to play” type and featured a very hand-friendly profile along with the rosewood fretboard and rolled edges, to make sure they are a comfortable option to play and get used to almost instantly. The total fret of Fender FA-115 and CD-60S are 20 but similarly joined together with the main body at the 14-th. Overall they are a very good guitar for the price range and if not bundled up with the accessories, the CD-60S probably can go even lower, nearing the first option.

Fender FA-115 and CD-60S Feature
On the feature part, neither of them are coming with any electronic components so there is no way we can connect them to an amplifier except when using microphone. It is not a huge issue because they are marketed for beginners who most likely will not need such connectivity but for those who loves to, we should pass these models. The control we get here is only the tension or tuners made from chrome die-cast and accompanied by a quality rosewood bridge as well as Dura-Tone coated strings.

Fender FA-115 and CD-60S Sound
On the sound quality, Fender FA-115 and CD-60S are actually very similar to each other if not the same because they are visually made with the same material and available in similar price range depend on where you purchase them or marketplace. On this side, both of them are proven to be a versatile companion with lively and very-well balanced tone. Players also don’t have to worry about brightness and warmth since they are equally present and pleasant.

Native to the dreadnaught body, these guitars are going to deliver a strong projection as well as robust. Like many other spruce guitar, they will ages beautifully as the top stiffens and dries with age, their sound will be slowly evolve and mature. This type of wood is prominent in color change as we play them and compared to the other popular cedar, we will see a more drastic maturation that create a more attractive sounds later.

Now, let’s compare Fender FA-115 with CD-60S. As you may already know, both of these beginner guitars are roughly made from the same material and have the same type of features with different name and package. The CD-60S is bundled with various accessories, making it looks expensive but actually the same with FA-115. The only difference is finish option since the CD-60S is also available in all mahogany option with a more expensive price.

Fender FA-115 vs CD-60S

Fender FA-115 Fender CD-60S
BrandFender Fender
Key features- Dreadnought body style - Spruce top with "X"-bracing, basswood back and sides - 20-fret rosewood fingerboard - Hardwood bridge with compensated saddle- Solid spruce top with scalloped "X"-bracing, mahogany back and sides - Gloss-finish mahogany neck with 20-fret rosewood fingerboard - Rosewood bridge with compensated saddle - Includes picks, strap and spare strings

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we are going to have different taste and budget so it is better to pick based on which you think will be the better option but, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to get the more affordable Fender FA-115 because it is the same but without the many accessories.

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