Yamaha FD01S vs FG800

While guitar is very fun to play, we still have to learn our way and build up the skill to achieve the level of playing we want to be. To accompany your learning journey, affordable models like Yamaha FD01S vs FG800 are a very suitable option to have in the house so then we can play and polish the skills quickly and effectively. They are equally good but may also different so before going to make a purchase, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a beginner guitar
– What are Yamaha FD01S and FG800
– What Yamaha FD01S and FG800 Look Like
– What Yamaha FD01S and FG800 are made of
– What else Yamaha FD01S and FG800 can offer to you
– How are the Sound Quality of Yamaha FD01S and FG800
– Yamaha FD01S vs FG800

Choosing Guitar
Many people loves listening to music and almost all of us have favorite songs for different occasions whether it is to accompany your leisure time or to help build concentration while working and studying. Some of us are casual listener with thousands of songs on their music players while some are also learning how to compose one. To make music, there are various ways and tools to have but mostly start from traditional instrument like guitar and piano.

Both of them are arguably the most popular type of instrument since long time ago, today, and probably in the future as well due to their versatility. Piano is often taught in school as well in various countries but guitar at the other hand is learnt at home most of the time whether you have a teacher or using material from books and videos on the internet. Comparing the two, guitar is easier to afford and store as well as learning in general.

People can get interested in guitar from being inspired by their favorite artist or find the instrument fun to play. No matter what the reason, getting the basics done and polishing the skill routinely is the key to master the instrument which is why having one in the house is necessary. Learning guitar can take days, weeks or months for the basic skills such as memorizing the keys and placing the finger correctly until producing the proper sound. If this is your first experience, calluses will be an issue for some moment.

Looking for suitable guitar is also important when trying to learn your way because while guitars looks the same, not all of them will sound exactly the same and the one we enjoy the most should be the best option for people have different taste as well. However, for beginner or non-professional players, one of the first steps of purchasing a guitar will be the budget because they are available and varied widely so it is good to match the skill with the price beforehand.

Beginner may don’t want to spend so much since we are still learning so there is no urgency on getting a high-end model when we are still unable to play them and use the full potential yet. The most recommended budget for this type of user will be below $300 and in the market, there are so many great models that come in the price range so we should get one pretty easily without putting much effort and research.

About Yamaha FD01S and FG800
If you already set the budget and ready to get the guitar, now is the time to see what the available brands out there are offering to their customers because just like many other popular instrument, they are manufactured in a huge quantity by various companies and may have different quality or specification. The best way to find the perfect guitar will be handling the unit directly and strum or pick them so we can listen and see the quality.

However, if you don’t have time to shop in store and test the unit first, looking at what people used and reviewed on the internet can be a great help without consuming much energy and time. One of the most popular musical instrument and equipment manufacturer in the market today is Yamaha and we are sure many people are agree as well when we say this brand is among the best but most importantly they have products for every budget so users can pick based on their needs.

For those who are starting to play a guitar and need something that won’t drain the wallet, Yamaha FD01S and FG800 are two good models to go. Both of them are budget pick for many but being an affordable options, it doesn’t mean these two are not going to sound nice because the reason why they are adored is because of the pleasant handling and sound quality. They may look the same at a glance but different in model because FD01S is an older version.

On the other hand, Yamaha FG800 is the big brother of FG700, making it a newer model and has been long deemed as one of the best budget guitars. Today, the FD01S is already discontinued by the manufacturer but we still can get the same model through online retailers like Amazon. Compared to the fairly recent FG800, the newer model may get some upgrades whether it is from the build quality or even material quality while the kind of wood used stays the same.

Yamaha FD01S and FG800 Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, these two are basically looking like any dreadnought guitar out there. Acoustic guitars mostly comes in this shape and it is the same with Yamaha FD01S and FG800. They are having a natural, glossy finish so we can see the wood pattern which is very beautiful to look at. If you plan to do some adjustment later, they are also equally featured with adjustable truss rod just in case you may want to custom the neck bow.
They are also basic acoustic and made for at home use but, if you need something that can be connected to an output like a speaker or audio interface for recording session, there is FG800C with a jack.

Yamaha FD01S and FG800 Material
When looking for a guitar, the first thing we may want to check is the material because like you may already know, they are matter to produce the sound and both of these models are basically almost identical to each other being made with solid spruce top so we don’t have to get a laminated top anymore even for affordable unit. The difference in this part is the wood quality itself because when you handle them, it seems that the latter is using better wood quality and has better bracing.

The sides and back are complemented with laminated nato or also called as eastern mahogany just like many similar guitars in its range such as the Fender FA-115 vs CD-60S. Matching both the back and sides, their necks are also made from nato and counted at 20 with the neck joining the main body at the 14th fret. As any dreadnaught, the playability of these guitars are very good and comfortable for any player to get used to, moreover, with the attractive glossy finish. In addition, there are urea nut and saddle as well as rosewood bridge at the bottom.

Yamaha FD01S and FG800 Feature
On the feature part, there is nothing interesting about Yamaha FD01S and FG800 because they are made to be as simple as possible so forget about any electronic connectivity in either of them. But, similar like the big brother of FG800, they are coming with reliable components to enhance the reliability and consistency. These two are equipped with a set of sealed die-cast chrome tuners to adjust string tension and keep the string in place so the guitar will stay in tune.

Yamaha FD01S with FG800 Sound Quality
The last and most important aspect when looking for a guitar is the sound quality itself because we are going to play them to produce sound and while each person may have different taste to say which sounds better, Yamaha FD01S and FG800 are generally a good sounding guitar and will not disappoint you because even experienced players are also saying they are a decent pick. Thanks to the good material being used here, they are offering a rich, loud, and resonant native to the dreadnaught body.

Comparing them to guitar with a rosewood back, we can feel that the tone is lighter in these guitars yet still sweet and warm with good balance. The sound quality doesn’t seems to be dispensed from such an affordable guitars. The spruce top will also age as you play it along the years and will become better as they age so we can see how they will perform for long while improving the skill.

Now, let’s compare Yamaha FD01S with FG800. As you may already know, both of them are a good pick for anyone who are having a limited budget or those who don’t want to spend more than $200 because they are very affordable. Their sound quality are very identical but the build quality seems better in FG800, so it might be a tad better in general, especially on the wood and bracing.

Yamaha FD01S vs FG800

Yamaha FD01SYamaha FG800
Key features- The perfect first guitar; combining quality woods and outstanding tone at an outstanding value - Solid spruce top with Nato (eastern Mahogany) back & sides - Rosewood fingerboard and bridge - The acoustic guitars need a professional setup out of the box to achieve the player's preferences.- Solid Sitka Spruce Top - Nato Back & Sides - Rosewood Fingerboard - Rosewood Bridge

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because both of them are going to be worth the money and it is best to pick the one that sit in your heart better. Among the two however, we will recommend people to get the newer FG800 because not only it is in the same price, but also because it is better in build quality.

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