Yamaha FD01S vs F335

The most important thing when learning a new instrument is practice because we need to develop the basic and polish the skill routinely to achieve the level we aimed to be. However, for beginners, budget can also be a problem but, worry not because Yamaha FD01S vs F335 are offered in a fairly affordable price so we don’t have to think much when getting one. If you wonder which will give the best value, go check what they can offer below to make sure we are getting the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why playing a musical instrument
– What are Yamaha FD01S and F335
– What Yamaha FD01S and F335 Look Like
– What Materials used in Yamaha FD01S and F335
– What Yamaha FD01S and F335 can offer to you
– How are the Sound Quality of Yamaha FD01S and F335
– Yamaha FD01S vs F335

Playing Guitar Benefit
Listening to our favorite songs through the music player and a good pair of headphones is indeed relaxing for different occasions depend on the type of music and personal taste. Music is an art and universal so no matter where you are, songs are being played almost anywhere from public places to private establishments. It seems that most of our population loves listening to their favorite artists or songs while some may also love crafting and making their own whether for a hobby or to make a living.

For those who particularly interested, playing an instrument is one of the most common rules to build senses before being able to compose one. Instruments are varying widely from those commonly played by personal or in professional manner to those coming from traditional communities that being kept alive today. Talking about the most popular instrument, we are sure many people agree that guitar and piano are among the top being learnt by individuals who are not working or having related occupation.

Playing an instrument is popularly recognized as one good threat we have and it is also a very fun activity to do especially if you have a particular taste on a type like guitar. Guitar is played by both the casual player and professionals, probably more often used to spend leisure time since it gives us serious pleasure. It is not just a baseless feeling since according to a neuroscientific study from McGill University, hearing music triggers the release of dopamine in the brain.

Not only to feeling happier, it may also help relieve some pressure building up because according to a dual study from the Mind-Body Wellness Center and Loma Linda University School of Medicine and Applied Biosystems, playing an instrument can reduce stress on the genomic level. There is a saying that playing an instrument is a sign of higher IQ and while it seems unbelievable, taken from Telegraph UK, according to Lutz Jäncke, a psychologist at the University of Zurich the benefit is legit.

He said that learning to play a musical instrument has definite benefits and even can increase IQ by seven points in both children and adults. This is also why many parents push their children to take music courses and choose an instrument to play since early age. But, according to the study, we as adults can also get the benefit so even when you are no longer young, learning to play one will give you only the good effects.

About Yamaha FD01S and F335
For those who already making up the mind and want to start the learning journey, now is the time to get an instrument and slowly mastering the basics. If you are here, then guitar is the most interesting instrument to play and it is the same like many people out there. Guitar is very fun to play and strum or pluck when you need to relax or enjoying an evening with friends and family. Since they are fairly cheaper than a unit of piano, we don’t have to spend much to start.

Due to the huge options, we may have to spend more time to look for the most suitable options but, for beginner, we do recommend to not spend more than $300 because there are already many reliable products cost less and for learning, it is not necessary to get a high-end model yet so better save the budget for later. One of the most trusted manufacturers of instrument and audio equipment in the market is Yamaha and we are sure many people are also agree with this.

This manufacturer indeed have so much to offer for both new learners, those with more experience, and professionals alike but, what we love the most from this brand is they seem to always have the option for the budget. For beginner players, Yamaha FD01S and F335 are two good models to go because they are fairly affordable and friendly enough to let the owner polishing their skills. The FD01S is actually an older version the brand have and already discontinued yet, we may still find it in various online retailers like Amazon.

If you want a newer version, there is an identical item to this model so check it on our Yamaha FD01S vs FG800 here first. The F335 is among the brand’s most popular low-cost guitars and the reason why it is adored is probably because of the build quality and pleasant sound despite the fairly affordable price point.

Yamaha FD01S and F335 Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, these two guitars are looking like any acoustic models out there coming with dreadnaught style. They are available in few finishes but since the FD01S no longer produced, we can only get it in one version which is the natural glossy finish featured with a shiny black pickguard while at the other hand F335 is available in natural finish, black, and sunburst finish. The pickguard is reddish auburn and tortoise shell-like shade yet the black have the same shade.

Yamaha FD01S and F335 Material
When looking for a guitar especially if you don’t go to the store and directly handling the unit is by seeing the material they are made because there are so many of them to build a guitar and will help defining how they sound like later when strummed. As for Yamaha FD01S and F335, they are equally made with the most popular top for affordable guitars which is spruce but there is a difference since FD01S is actually using a solid spruce while the latter is laminated.

This can bring a difference because in general a solid top is preferable especially by those with more experience. It might matters to beginners as well or not depends on personal taste but the one used for solid FD01S top is also not the best quality available; for example compared to the identical FG800. Usually, laminated is avoided because they cannot resonate as freely as an all solid wood instrument. Besides the top, these guitars are also different on the back and side.

This is because the older FD01S is made with laminated nato or eastern mahogany and the F335 is choosing meranti for this part. Meranti is very common in cheaper guitars and often chosen because of the strong and tough profile rather than the tone. Moving to the neck, they are still different in this side since the first guitar is made with rosewood and the latter is using mahogany, making the whole unit very solid. Additionally, Yamaha FD01S and F335 are having the same neck design counting at 20 and joining together at the 14th fret.

Yamaha FD01S and F335 Features
On the additional feature part, they are a regular acoustic guitar so there is no electronic connection or a way to connect the unit to an amplifier and interface but, if needed, we can just use a microphone. They are equally coming with 6-piece of sealed die-cast chrome tunes for the headstock which is doing their job perfectly fine to keep the strings at place and make the guitar stay in tune. The rests are urea nut and saddle with standard rosewood fingerboard as well as bridge at the bottom.

Yamaha FD01S and F335 Sound Quality
The last and probably the most important thing when looking for any instrument including a guitar is the sound and while they are affected by the material used to build the unit, Yamaha FD01S and F335 are actually a very nice option for the budget. What’s surprising is that they are two of the best budgets we can get today with a very loud and resonant sound native to the dreadnaught body but they are also equally losing some of richness often found on solid guitars.
In general, Yamaha FD01S and F335 are into the lighter tone than those made with rosewood models so in our opinion they better suit fast strumming and hard strokes compared to mellow and held out notes.

Now, let’s compare Yamaha FD01S with F335. As it you may already know, they are a nice option for the budget and those who are just starting to learn the skill, but there are some differences like the top and sides material as well as the neck, the prominent being the top solid spruce compared to laminated. However, the sound quality are very similar and still very much pleasant to our ears.

Yamaha FD01S vs F335

Yamaha FD01SYamaha F335
Key features- The perfect first guitar; combining quality woods and outstanding tone at an outstanding value - Solid spruce top with Nato (eastern Mahogany) back & sides - Rosewood fingerboard and bridge - The acoustic guitars need a professional setup out of the box to achieve the player's preferences.- The body style is dreadnought acoustic Top,laminate spruce Back. - Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar, Natural: Classic dreadnought look and sound with a laminate spruce top, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and tortoise shell pickguard. - Meranti back and sides are made of meranti a light hardwood grown mostly in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. - Gold die-cast tuners provide smooth and accurate tuning.

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same opinion and it is always best to follow your own judgment but, comparing the two, we do prefer the Yamaha FD01S because while still being affordable, this model is already made with solid spruce even though the wood quality is not the best.

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