Yamaha FS800 vs FS820

It is nice to be able to play an instrument but, before strumming or singing along to your favorite songs, we need to learn how they play first. Among various musical instruments, guitar is arguably one of the most popular and easier to learn. If you play casually at home, Yamaha FS800 vs FS820 are two good model to pick without asking too much from the pocket. They are also slightly different so go check what they can offer first before going to shop.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
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– What are Yamaha FS800 and FS820
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– How are the Sound Quality of Yamaha FS800 and FS820
– Yamaha FS800 vs FS820

Guitar Popularity
Music is universal and we can find them almost anywhere whether you recognize the sound or not. They are art that can be enjoyed by anyone and due to this, there are so many to learn and listen to depend on personal taste. Some people loves listening to music while the other also loves making them. The most population is probably only listeners and casual people like us who don’t have to own instrument or understand the making process in detail because it is not as simple as it may sound.

Music is fun and many of us have various artists that we love because of their work or the whole industry itself so genre and musicians don’t really matter as long as we get to listen to good songs. If you are more curious or see that listening is no longer fulfilling, learning a new musical instrument can be a good decision. Instrument let us becomes closer to a song and there is a significant difference between listening and playing.

When it comes to musical instrument, there are lots of them from different type both those often played in a hall or in a traditional ceremony. Researchers have found that playing an instrument is beneficial so people especially parents support their children to learn an instrument since early age. They are fun to spend their playtime but, it doesn’t mean adults don’t get interested in them as well. Choosing musical instrument is more like a personal preference but, among others, guitar is arguably the most popular along with piano.

While the current industry doesn’t revolve around bands and rock music anymore, guitar manufacturing has seen a rising trend that estimated will last at least until 2022. It shows the instrument is not left by the players yet, it is also true that instrument like guitars are prone to be abandoned when the players lost interest. The reason why the guitar is very popular is because of how versatile the instrument is because there are many popular music and songs have guitar in them.

Even when there is no guitar in it, we can still play the guitar version of a song. The huge amount of musician who performs using the instrument is also motivating their fans to learn how to play them. The next reason is probably because it is easier to purchase and store remembering how compact the instrument is as well as the affordable price. With $300, we can already get a good item with reliable quality to support your practicing hours.

About Yamaha FS800 and FS820
For casual players, there are many to choose from different brands but, the budget still matters because depend on how much we can spend, the guitar quality will be different especially on the tonewoods used as well as the grade. While grade is something not specified by manufacturers, a good quality wood will deliver at least slightly different nuance while the better version may differ from ear to ear. If you only play at home, or currently learning on how to play the instrument, an affordable model is sufficient.

Guitars are manufactured widely but we can easily set them apart by the manufacturer. For those who want to spend less, Yamaha is one of the best brands to look at because this one has a wide collection from beginner to professional level so we can get the most from our budget. Among the brands huge collection, their FG and FS Series are very popular for beginners and casual players alike such as the FS800 and FS820. The FS line is for concert guitar while the FG is for full dreadnought style.

The sole difference is on the size which mean FS line guitars are slightly smaller and thinner than the FG line. If you curious how they differ, go check our previous article on Yamaha FS800 vs FG800. The next number placed after their initial line is to specify the model and it is very easy to determine which more expensive because the higher the number goes, the better woods they used. Since the difference is not very prominent, a lower model is usually already a good choice.

Yamaha FS800 and FS820 are close brothers so they are not very far apart yet, there is a difference between the two that may affect your decision. In general, they are concert guitar so people with smaller build, children, or those who prefer smaller guitar can hold the instrument comfortably.

Yamaha FS800 and FS820 Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, there is no difference present from the design alone because they are build based on the same model. There are several finish to the FS820 since it is the higher model as opposed to the only glossy natural FS800. We can get colors like autumn burst, black, brown sunburst, a trendy blue, and even ruby red. They are equally coming with a scale length of 25” and light enough to be carried easily while travelling.

In detail they are also visibly the same for example the natural finish with tortoiseshell pickguard and black or cream binding which is also used in the other finish like sunburst in FS820. This model however also have black pickguard for the black and blue color finish.

Yamaha FS800 and FS820 Material
If you are looking for a guitar and purchasing from an online shopping platform, one of the best ways to decide the option is by looking at what tone wood they are using because the more expensive guitars, they probably used solid cedar and koa because they have warm sound especially those classic guitars with nylon strings. As an affordable options, Yamaha FS800 and FS820 are using the most common wood which is solid spruce as opposed to the laminated version.

The distinctive quality of spruce are the stiff texture yet light and will give a bright, clear sound characteristic. These beautiful guitars are also having the same scalloped bracing which is claimed to be better than normal bracing. This bracing is ideal for acoustic structure that maintains durability of the top board as well as bringing a more natural sound of the instrument. The rest of their main body however, is slightly different because FS800 is made with laminated nato both on the back and sides.

On the other hand, the FS820 is made from laminated mahogany which is often seen as a better option. Nato is commonly known as eastern mahogany but, the wood has no connection to each other and used to push the cost of manufacturing since it is more affordable. What’s surprising is it actually shares the characteristic of mahogany especially on the bright, pronounced mid ranges but is not able to give the same presence as the other. In addition, they are equally using nato as the neck joining the body at the 14th fret.

Yamaha FS800 and FS820 Features
On the additional feature, Yamaha FS800 and FS820 are pretty basic and there is no special thing happening on these guitars such as electronic connection or volume dial. If you plan to connect the guitar with an amplifier or interface to record the sound, the electric version with “C” at the back of their name is also available. The one we get is the common head with a set of sealed die-cast tuning machines combined with urea nut and saddle as well as metal strings.

Yamaha FS800 and FS820 Sound Quality
The last and most important thing when looking for a guitar is the sound and comparing them, they seem to be very similar as well in this part. It is also hard to decide which one is better since our ears may have different preferences. The combination of spruce and mahogany does give a well-balanced sound with present low-end and a more prominent midrange as well as highs but between the two, FS820 is probably slightly warmer in general. They produce quite the volume despite the smaller build yet, compared to FG line, they are not as loud.

Now, let’s compare Yamaha FS800 with FS820. As you may already know, they are close brothers so it is no wonder that there are too many similarities in both models. The prominent difference is only on the back and sides material because the FS800 is using nato while the higher model is using mahogany which is deemed to be warmer even though the character is very much the same.

Yamaha FS800 vs FS820

Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS820
Key features- Solid Sitka Spruce Top - Nato Back & Sides - Rosewood Fingerboard- Rosewood Bridge - Diecast Tuners - this guitar has an adjustable truss rod

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same taste and opinion so it is better to pick based on your preference and budget. Comparing the two, we do like the Yamaha FS800 better because the difference doesn’t made up the price gap between the two so it is wiser to get the more affordable model.

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