Roland TD-1KV vs Yamaha DTX450K

One of the struggles when choosing a drums set as your favorite instrument is the space to allocate and room to play since they are very noisy so those in the next houses may be able to hear what you are playing. To overcome this issue, we can choose to play an electric drums set like Roland Td-1KV vs Yamaha DTX450K instead since they are fairly compact and quiet. If you are also eyeing these models, go check how they differ below so we can pick better.

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– Roland TD-1KV vs Yamaha DTX450K

Electric Drums Set
When it comes to music including the instrument to play them, the most necessary is our personal taste since it is not fun playing something we don’t find enjoyable. Taste may vary and it is good since then it means we can combine and be more creative to make anything that please our ears. What’s a bit tricky is choosing the right model or type of instrument especially those who play drums set and other space consuming or loud instrument.

Many of us are living in a packed neighborhood in which we have to pay attention to noises we made so they won’t disturb the next houses or even our own families as well as keeping things compact, especially those who live in an apartment housing. Drums set and other loud instruments are not suitable to be played at home because first unfortunately, not all people love the noise and second, we may have to deal with complaint later for our bad skills.

If you are also worrying about the same issue, getting an electric drums set can be a good decision. They have been available since decades ago but in our opinion begin to be very popular when digital audio workstation is getting more accessible for many. Today, we don’t have to use complicated tools anymore to start making our music; with instrument/input, interface, a computer, and a headphone/output, we can already build a simple set which allow audio to be transferred and edit in your computer.

Besides this plus side, in real world electric drums set is more convenient for many because it doesn’t take much space, easier to take care of and transport, as well as quitter in noise level because instead of Mylar, they use rubber or mesh pads. Many of them especially the beginning and average model also comes with smaller pads compared to the real instrument so the whole setup will be much smaller and compact. Electric drums commonly can’t be heard by your neighbors due to its material of choice.

We will need an amplifier or speaker and other type of output to listen to the sound they produce so it is a very ideal choice to train anytime. Another huge benefit from an electric set is the preset collections since we can have almost endless choice depend on the model to switch between genres and the type of music you play. For new players or beginners, we also don’t have to meddle with tuning which will take expertise when using an acoustic drum set.

About Roland TD-1KV
When you already measuring the pros and cons of having an electric drums set instead of an acoustic model, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them both in the low level and experienced players who seek something to mimic the real instrument. One of the good options especially if you are planning to get something suitable for beginner is Roland TD-1KV from this well-known brand which is offering more than the price.

If you see the recommendations from various pages about affordably, good drums set made for learner, this model will be very familiar since it is offering some function for exercising your skills. It is almost identical to the similarly good TD1K which we have talked about before in Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit vs Roland TD1K, but also slightly different because the snare we get in this model is made from mesh instead of rubber in the other model so, overall, their noise level is a little bit different.

If you are accidentally or formerly purchasing the rubber version, we can upgrade the snare into a mesh one with Roland PDX-6 and MDH-12 clamp which we can purchase at various stores.

Roland TD-1KV Design
Comparing Roland TD-1K with many other drums kit, the most prominent difference will be the footprint because instead of setting up the pads to mimic a real drums, they are only supported with one main pole frame and a feet to make the pole stand. It makes the distance between pads narrower but overall still have the same setup. In the box there are 10” mesh snare, beaterless kick pedal and hi-hat pedal, 3 rubber toms, module, stick, audio cable, and polishing cloth.

Roland TD-1KV Feel
For people who have never used an electronic drums set before, the feeling of hitting mesh or rubber will be different so we may need some time to adjust the techniques. However, the one we get here especially the rubber toms are delivering a realistic rebound which is easier on the wrist compared to the one we found on older units. As for the mesh, it is very easy to get used to as well as comfortable and adjustable to follow your requirements.

Roland TD-1KV Module
The next important part when looking for an electric drum kit is their module because just like an electric piano, the range and price level play an important role in this part to offer the player a wide options of collection. Roland TD-1KV is coming with 15 different kit sounds choice to give you versatility to play rock, pop, hip-hop and techno music as well as with percussion sound set-up. The coach function built in the module is also helpful for even advanced player.

This function will keep you honest against the meter because its Time setting and Drop out setting will indicate whether the player was getting ahead of the beat or behind it. It may not be as advanced as function built to learn or beginner exercise but, still a good feature who want to get their meter locked in.

About Yamaha DTX450K
Since there are so many good electric drums set out there, it is good to also see what the other manufacturer is offering so then we can see which of them is offering more and being a more suitable option. If your goal is to polish the skill or find something fit a beginner players, Yamaha with their DTX450K is also a great model to choose since it is already featured with training function and even deemed as one of the best in this category.

It may look and sound like the little brother DTX400K but, this model is slightly up there despite being in the 400 series which is their most affordable line of electronic drums. One of its downsides is the price range that can be categorized as expensive with standard capabilities compared to similar models in its range.

Yamaha DTX450K Design
If you see Roland TD-1KV as a compact drums set, Yamaha DTX450K is also similarly small and less complicated but instead of coming with a single stand it has two, forming a bridge to place the two toms. It also has short arms to install snare and floor toms while the cymbals are placed near the toms and near the snare. The box includes one rubber 3-zone snare, 3 single-zone toms, 3 cymbals including hi-hat, a kick pad with pedal, hi-hat pedal, and module.

Yamaha DTX450K Feel
Since this model is coming with a whole rubber set, our first concern is the noise level because it is not the quietest option and will produce some noise when we energetically hit those pads. It won’t be as loud as the real instrument but may annoy your roommate or anyone next doors when playing in quiet hours, moreover with the kick pad. Overall, it sounds like hitting a thick book or pile of papers with a stick loudly.

Yamaha DTX450K Module
What shines the most from Yamaha DTX450K and what probably making up the high price point is its 297 sounds from 169 drums and 127 percussions with other instruments which should be enough for most beginners. In addition, when paired with a computer, this voice range can be extended as well as coming together with 10 preset kits on board. For learners, this model is featured with 12 training functions, one of them called RhythmGate to help players keep the time.

Now, let’s compare Roland TD-1KV with Yamaha DTX450K. As you may already know the most prominent difference between both of them is on the snare pad material and the kick drum since Roland in this model doesn’t offer kick drum pad, only the pedal. Rubber will be slightly noisier but since the rest of TD-1KV pads are rubber, they will be similarly producing quite the noise. In addition, Yamaha DTX450K is richer in their module especially with sound collections and learning functions.

Roland TD-1KV vs Yamaha DTX450K

Roland TD-1KVYamaha DTX450K
Key features- PDX-100 10-inch mesh-head snare pad with support for positional sensing and rim shot/cross stick playing - Three mesh-head tom pads: two PD-85BK 8-inch pads for rack toms and one PDX-100 10-inch pad for floor tom - VH-11 V-Hi-Hat mounts on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand and offers realistic motion and a natural acoustic feel- 297 high-quality sounds and 10 customizable kits - TP70S 3-zone snare pad for head, rim-shot, side-stick - Large 10-Inch Ride and Crash cymbals and 10-Inch Hi-Hat cymbal

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and budget to spend so it is best to follow your taste and pick the one that fits you the most. In our case, we do like Yamaha DTX450K because it feels better to play with kick drum pad and rich in learning functions to let us exercise better.

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