Behringer XD8USB vs Yamaha DTX402K

Space can sometimes be a challenge when we want to collect or store instruments because we have to take care of them properly to ensure their longevity moreover for a huge set like a drum kit. If you don’t have much space to keep your drums, Behringer XD8USB vs Yamaha DTX402K are two good electronic models to go. They are pretty much the same but also different so check what they can offer below and see how they differ to each other so we choose better.

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– Behringer XD8USB vs Yamaha DTX402K

Electronic Drums Set
Being able to play a musical instrument is fun and can be a good activity to fill your leisure time which also give another benefit like keeping our mind sharp as years take on our age. When it comes to music, we have so many options from genre and the instrument we play to create them moreover with digital sound often used today. We are free to choose and it should consider our taste so get the one that fits you the most.

When rock and metal bands are dominating our music industry in the 80s and 90s, teenagers want to be them and start learning to play certain instruments due to their admiration to their idols. Guitar, bass guitar, piano and drums are probably the most interesting at that time but today, our mainstream music is changing and we see less new people wants to learn an instrument especially teenagers or young adults, but it doesn’t mean the amount is low since music itself is still as popular.

One of the most interesting instruments to play is drums set because it is energizing and lit up the song being played so it is understandable to take the drums as the backbone of bands whether you play in one on or solo. If you prefer this instrument, one of the challenges except for learning and mastering the technique is how to choose the suitable kit for you since today we are faced with space and noise issues which is limiting our options.

For people who are playing electronic music, this may not be a problem since most of us are using an electronic drums set kit but, not only for this genre, an electronic drums can be a good choice for new players who want to start learning the instrument as well. Unlike the real instrument, an electronic drum kit are using pads as the drumheads so they are mostly smaller and have no casing which lessen the overall dimension and weight.

Since they are commonly using rubber or mesh, the sound coming out of the hitting motion is not going to be as loud while the sound they reflect are sent through an output like speaker or headphones. With these, we can play and listen quietly to not disturb your neighbors or family in the house. In addition, we are freed from tuning which need expertise to set and not very friendly for learners as well as comes with different preset sounds to accommodate different genres.

About Behringer XD8USB
If you are also considering to get an electronic drum set, now is a good time to see what the manufacturers are offering because many of them are very different to each other so selecting process may take quite some time. When it comes to electric drums set, one brand that comes to our mind is Behringer and if you are working or recording at home, we are sure you also familiar with their other audio equipment such as audio interface.

They are also one of the most reliable brand and offering products in fairly affordable price but, if you want the model that mimic a real drums set especially on how they are positioned and how the frame shaped, Behringer XD8USB is one of the best choices. Some electronic drums set kit usually have simpler frame and narrower space between their pads but this model is not and very similar to its acoustic version that makes it a very user friendly set.

Behringer XD8USB Design
While not as compact as many drums kit out there, it is still a straightforward drums set and fit new drummers but, we still have to get the drum chair separately since it is not included on the set. It comes in a package with all the things needed to build your setup from four 3 x 8” dual zone snare and toms pads, three 3 x 12” dual zone cymbals, one kick drum pad and pedal, one hi-hat trigger pedal, drum stick, module, and the frame poles, pads, as well as wiring.

Behringer XD8USB Features
The first thing we want to mention about Behringer XD8USB is it has rubber pads and not mesh in case you want to keep the noise as quiet as possible. This drums set kit is coming with fairly rich features and sounds in the module since here we are getting 10 presets and 175 different sounds you can access in a reach of hand. With the affordable price, we are pleased to see the module that is very fitting for new players who want a simple digital setup.

In addition to its preset and sound collection, the drums set also have built-in metronome which allow users to adjust its tempo when we need to practice or to match the beat of a song we are currently playing. This important feature is not always present even in an electric drums set so having one is good to help developing sense of timing and rhythm.

Behringer XD8USB Connectivity
The next important part when looking for an electric drums set kit is the connectivity especially when you plan to record them and process in computer. As for Behringer XD8USB, just like the name it is coming with a capability to connect the instrument to a computer through USB port. It also don’t need fancy program to work since easily available software like GarageBand is already enough to handle most new users’ needs. While any genre is fine with this set, those who like electronic, hip hop, or dance music may find it a little more pleasing.

About Yamaha DTX402K
We have so many options out there and when looking for anything including an electronic drums set we also need to see what the other brands are offering so then we can compare and see which of them will be the better option or more affordable if budget is also an issue. If you want to practice at home and get an instrument that offer versatility in case you like various genres, Yamaha DTX402K is a good model to go.

This is one of the models from DTX line along with DTX450K which we already talked in previous Roland TD-1KV vs Yamaha DTX450K. It is however, not as expensive but still quite similar to each other in a glance. It is also said to be the upgrade of DTX400n which is already discontinued and made to be quieter, have natural feeling drums and cymbals as well as sturdier rack for better stability when we hit those pads energetically.

Yamaha DTX402K Design
It comes with the same frame as DTX450K and XD8USB from Behringer with two high pole stand and a bridge in the middle to place the toms. The floor toms and snare themselves are placed with a shorter hand from each side of the opposite main feet. However, this model has no kick drum pad and only have the pedal with 4 pads for snare and toms, as well as 3 cymbals including a hi-hat and the pedal. Depend on the seller, we can choose the set with a throne or drums kit only.

Yamaha DTX402K Features
One of the best features we love from Yamaha DTX402K is the module because it already included 10 fully customizable drum kits along with 287 drum and percussion sounds. It has everything we often need in a drums set but probably more tailored into pop, rock, and jazz drumming. In case you need more, we also have 128 keyboard sounds with 9 different reverb effects as well as training and learning functions to help us mastering the skills and exercise better at home.

Its learning mode is very helpful since they are not always present in all electronic drums set even those made for beginners. Just like the preset, we also have 10 built-in training function here such as rhythm gate, fast blast, pad gate, and recording function.

Yamaha DTX402K Connectivity
As for the connectivity, Yamaha DTX402K is also not coming with less because it allows players to connect the instrument with their computer with USB cable to record or create your own song and practice. With the new hardware they use for this module, we can even use smartphone app to fully customize the kits, control the module’s training functions, and accessing video tutorials as well as test your challenge.

Now, let’s compare Behringer XD8USB with Yamaha DTX402K. As you may already know, comparing the two, Yamaha is more feature rich, especially with the training modes which is very helpful for beginners while the sound collection is also a little bit more here. From the items in a set, however, Yamaha DTX402K lacks kick drum so hitting the pedal may not as satisfying as those models with one.

Behringer XD8USB vs Yamaha DTX402K

Behringer XD8USBYamaha DTX402K
BrandBehringer Yamaha
Key features- 8-piece electronic drum set with HDS110USB sound module - Ships ready to rock with everything you need to start immediately - 10 factory presets plus 5 user-programmable drum sets- Stereo drum sounds sampled directly from acoustic drums and cymbals - Built-in interactive training modules to help improve rhythm and speed - Free iOS and Android apps "DTX402 Touch" and "Rec'n'Share" help users navigate the module, record songs and rehearse

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preference and it is always the best to follow what you need or want from the set. But, if we are to choose, we will go with Yamaha DTX402K since it already offers training functions and give us a smartphone app to be more convenient.

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