Boss Katana Air vs Yamaha THR10

We don’t need any amp to play a regular acoustic guitar but if you prefer the electric ones then an amp is a necessary tool to have in the system whether for hobbyist or professional. For those who also looking for compact and reliable box, Boss Katana Air vs Yamaha THR10 are two amazing amps to consider when you need to practice and pay lots of attention to off-stage performance. Before shopping for one, see if any of them will fit your preference better below.

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– How are the Performance of Boss Katana Air and Yamaha THR10
– Boss Katana Air Vs Yamaha THR10

Shopping for Guitar Amp

Guitar is probably one of the most if not the most popular instrument played both casually and professionally because it is fairly easy to learn and get used to as well as cheaper compared to other popular instrument like a piano. It also has a beautiful sound which may captivate your ears for the first time and it is versatile for we can sing almost anything with the instrument. However, our taste may differ when it comes to the sound character whether it is classic, acoustic, or electric.

We personally love any of them but for those who prefer energy filling sound the electric must be your favorite guitar type. Electric guitar sounds amazing and does lit up the stage together with other basic instruments which may be the reason why many people are liking this instrument better. One tool that can’t be separated from an electric guitar, however, is an amp because we need them to both adjust the instrument sound and delivering them to our ears or wider audience in a bigger establishment.

Guitar amp is just as important as the guitar itself because different box most of the time will sound different as well and it is necessary for us to get the one that fits our taste. If this is your first time looking for one, there are several things to consider before heading to the store.
1. First is the watt and this can be easily translated as power or how loud the amp will be because if you are playing in a band, chances the guitar will be swallowed by your drummer which is why 80-100 wattage range is used for stage purposes. However, beginners don’t have to worry about huge capacity since we mostly play at home and in general up to 30watt should be enough to fill a small room.
2. Second is the type of amp because there are combo and head+cabinet style to choose. For beginners and convenient sake, we do recommend a combo because they integrated amp and speaker so we only need to carry or buy a unit. The latter separate the set between amp and speaker so you will need some cable management to set them up. It is mostly used by professionals but there are models with low wattages for more intimate playing sessions.
3. The last point is their features or what the amp is capable of because depending on the model, not all of them are packed with the same knobs. Some standards are equalizer, gain, and effects such as reverb to make the guitar sounds like being played in a huge room.

 Boss Katana AirYamaha THR10
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About Boss Katana Air and Yamaha THR10

The guitar amp itself has been around for so long and technology keep being applied to make the box even more reliable for the growing modern population and of course the demand of better and cheaper models. Companies are selling various models each year and put many improvements thus their products can last in the market but just like everything else, you have to put a budget limit first especially for beginners because the cost can get quite high out there.

If you don’t have much time to spare and want to shop quickly, relying on big companies can be a wise decision to take because they carry lots of reliable options and two of the best choices out there are Boss and Yamaha. We are sure everyone is familiar with these brands already because they are among the leaders of the industry and the reason why we love their products is it seems they always have the option and budget range for whatever we are looking for including a guitar amp.

If you are only playing at home or plan to buy a compact one for practicing before attending the gig, Boss Katana Air and Yamaha THR10 are two amazing amps that will serve the purpose reliably. Both of them are a small amp we can just carry with one hand and put on top of a table while in the waiting room or backstage with enough power to be heard alone or in a more intimate setup. They won’t be loud enough for a band but just enough for a practice.

Boss Katana Air is the first wireless guitar amp gracing the market and while the idea should be thought in the past as well, it is surprising to see why we only have them now after these long years waiting for new innovation. As a wireless model, we can expect to see less cable management and of course much better convenience. Yamaha THR10 itself is a basic model from the collection and very ideal for any new users or those who want to keep the skill in check.

The one we are talking about now is the original version which has no wireless functionality but Yamaha recently upgrade this line labeled as THR II a few months ago and adding the long awaited wireless system into their THR amp family. Read also: Fender Rumble 25 VS 40.

Boss Katana Air and Yamaha THR10 Design

Aesthetically, Boss Katana Air and Yamaha THR10 are very pleasing to the eyes because they are just looking like our old radio set so having one on top of a table or cabinet won’t make them seem out of place. The compact size also makes them easy to transport when you are travelling or stepping outside the house to play while getting a fresh air in the backyard. Notice that these two can run on battery which mean they can be a great companion for your adventure as well like when camping.

They have a design that in a glance similar to a lunch box with a handle on top which is solid so there is no way to fold them and a sturdy casing made from metal. The grill of THR10 is fancy and unique to the company with Yamaha logo on top creating a retro yet fancy appearance but, it can look much better with wooden panel instead of plastic. Boss on the other hand sport modern look with full black grill and silver handle.

Boss Katana Air and Yamaha THR10 Power

The first thing you may want to know about these amps is probably how loud the can be and as it has been mentioned above, a standard practice amp usually range up to 30 watt and this also what Boss Katana Air and Yamaha THR10 are included in because the former can deliver up to 30 when connected with AC power while Yamaha is taking the lower end at 10 watt both with the AC or when used with the battery.

As for Boss, the power will drop to 20 watt when the battery is in use to save the juice so you can jam longer. In a small room like a bedroom, a 10 watt should be enough and blasting 30 watt amp may be too extreme if there is no sound insulation.

Boss Katana Air and Yamaha THR10 Features

Moving to the features side, these amps might be small but they don’t play around when it comes to provide you with everything required in the setup because there is lots to use here. Starting with Boss, there are amp type like clean or warmth, gain, volume, bass, middle, treble, bst/mod knob, delay/fx knob, reverb effect, master, and tone setting buttons. On the other hand, Yamaha also have them but add more effects and a pair of knobs to adjust the output of your guitar or the USB/AUX.

In addition, there are 5 memory functions accessed from the control panel which will let you save up to 5 amp settings of all controller and use them to switch in between for a quick and convenient jamming session.

Boss Katana Air and Yamaha THR10 Performance

Performance wise, Boss Katana Air and Yamaha THR10 are amazing since both of them are sounding as good as you need them to be and even more when tweaked with your recording software so they can straightforward or complicated as needed.

Since Boss is wireless, we also think the Bluetooth connectivity is amazingly reliable because it has no problem even with longer distance or almost 20 meters with wall in between or playing from a different floor if this is what you plan to do as well.


These guitar amps are a great choice for anyone who wants to play at home or in between the gigs because they are versatile and convenient but also different because in comparison Yamaha bring more into the box yet you have to deal with the cable and probably a little quieter sound level while on the other side Boss is bringing convenient into another level with Bluetooth connectivity to dismiss cable and up to 30 watt power to jam with other guitarist while still being heard.

Boss Katana Air vs Yamaha THR10


Boss Katana Air

Yamaha THR10

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Key features- Totally wireless guitar amplifier with newly developed BOSS technology delivers rock-solid sound with ultra-low latency
- Compact wireless transmitter plugs into various kinds of electric guitars and charges while docked in the amp
- Transmitter provides 12 hours of playing time on a single charge, and automatically enters standby mode to conserve the charge when no activity is detected
- Includes five classic amp models, plus bass, acoustic, and instrument modes. THR10 includes a range of effects processing, driven by Yamaha"s signature VCM technology
- Lightweight, portable amp that can run on AC power or batteries.
- Developed with Yamaha"s award-winning AV division to offer true hi-fi stereo sound and a new experience in guitar amplifiers.


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All in all there is no bad options between the two because they are equally reliable but if you don’t mind about the cable, we actually like Yamaha THR10 better because it is slightly richer and aesthetically pleasing.

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