Fender FA 115 vs Yamaha F310

For most people, their first instrument is either piano or guitar and even today, these two are probably the most popular being played casually. Guitar especially is portable and fairly approachable, making it the first option for many of us. If you are currently learning or just want to have something to play a song with, Fender FA 115 Vs Yamaha F310 will be a very ideal choice. They sound good but affordable and before deciding to choose one, go check which may suit your taste better here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Guitar is Popular
  • Which Guitar to Choose
  • What are Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310
  • What Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310 Look Like
  • What Material Used to Make Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310 
  • How are the Playability of Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310
  • How are the Sound of Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310
  • Fender FA 115 Vs Yamaha F310

Guitar Popularity

Musical instruments are very well played all across the world whether it is what you often listen and see or those traditionally unique to certain cultures. No matter where, you will find musical instruments as music itself is inseparable from our life. If you are starting to get interested in playing one, having the instrument at home will let you practice anytime and get the basics as well as polishing the skill quickly. Among those many instruments we can choose, guitar is arguably the most popular.

The reason why it is learned by so many people is first for the portability since not all instruments are easy to carry or store in just anywhere. Guitars need proper care but the light and compact form making them convenient for learners. Second, guitar is also popular in most music genres whether it is pop, rock, Latin, jazz, funk, etc. Our personal favorite part compared to other compact instruments is because they are polyphonic or able to play more than one tone at a time.

Guitar Types

Buying guitar is not the easiest thing especially for beginners or learners since we don’t know what to look for or which to get. The rule here is get the one that attracts your attention the most; just like fitness equipment. This will allow you to get motivated rather than opting to get something similar but not exactly what you want. Classic guitars have less bright sound as it uses nylon and not as loud as it is smaller.

Many beginners start with classical guitar whether it is for the sound or the string itself since the thick and dull nylon won’t hurt the finger too much as the steel strings, moreover, combined with the wide neck. Acoustic guitars are probably the most popular among guitar types and it is very similar to classic type but the body is bigger and due to the steel string, the sound will be much brighter as well as louder. Compared to picking, this guitar is better for strumming.

 Fender FA 115 Yamaha F310
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Children often put away from acoustic guitars as the sharp strings may discourage them to play. At least until they built some callus or strong enough, younger players usually were given classic guitar. The last is the electric guitar and the nature of their mechanism makes it a more difficult choice for a beginner as it needs amplification to produce sound. There are however, many who start with electric guitars to save time and budget when they move to a higher level.

About Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310

For older children in their teens or any older people who want to start learning guitar, it is probably best to start with an acoustic type as it can give you a great strumming sound but without the big budget. If you are here then it means you will love to go with acoustic guitar as well and before heading to shop for one, you may also want to consider the budget range or brand options just to make the shopping quicker.

Among those many companies making acoustic instruments, especially guitars, Fender and Yamaha will be two of the most well-known players in the market. They are very popular and often being the choice of either beginner, casual player, or professional due to their good quality. However, rather than the brand, models may play a more important role to decide which sounds better or fits your preference better because different models usually have different build quality and overall sound character including the price range.

If you want to keep the budget quite low but still able to get reliable acoustic guitars to learn and casually play at home, Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310 will be very ideal choices to consider. Both of them are favorite models but the latter may be more well-known in the UK rather than here. These lines are made for non-enthusiast players to start up their journey and with the price point, they are hard to beat especially with how good they sound.

Coming from two of the most well-known manufacturers in the market makes Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310 a safe option compared to many other similar unknown brands you can get at stores with the same price range. What’s impressive from these guitars is that they are made with good quality material to give you a good sound experience without a hefty price but besides these, they are just decent, or there is nothing extraordinary to talk about especially for casual playing. 

They are not a difficult investment to make for most of us can just grab one without thinking much but if you are very budget restricted, trying to find a used item of these guitars will also be helpful because the cost will most likely reduce to about half from this already low price.

Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310 Design

Being a common acoustic guitar makes Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310 have no interesting feature on how they look and you can find tons of these guitars from different brands and from different price points. They are dreadnaught and depending on the availability, you may get to choose a different fashion option; we can pick cherry sunburst and brown sunburst in case the natural one looks boring. Overall they look indistinguishable side by side without reading the brand name.

One of the pros of shopping for beginner guitars is you will get a bunch of items or gears inside the package as it is made to be ideal for a great start. These models are also often sold in bundles with various accessories to let you shop at one go including tuner because chances are, we still can’t tune the guitar properly in the beginner stage and we don’t want to train with a guitar that is out of tune. Read also: DDJ 400 Vs DDJ SB3.

Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310 Material

The easiest way to choose a guitar is probably listening to the sound and if you like it then just grab one especially for beginner players. However, what affects guitar sound making them slightly different from each other is the material that built the unit itself. In this side the wood quality plays an important role in affecting the tone and between the two, only newer Fender FA 115 is made with solid spruce top compared to laminated spruce of F310 by Yamaha.

Spruce is an economical choice for almost all affordable guitars and having one solid is quite rare which is why many love FA 115. In comparison, solid wood will be more resonant compared to those laminated and the thing is this wood will also mature over time as being played making them far more resonant. The reason why laminated wood is used for guitar is because solid wood is particularly difficult to work with so the cost will be higher as well, opposed to how laminated keeping the cost down.

For the back, we are not sure what Yamaha used for this guitar but they seem to be locally sourced while the FA 115 is stated to be made from basswood and both are equally laminated. For the rest of the built these guitars are fairly similar to each other with laminated fretboard but the Fender uses nato as the neck material while Yamaha uses rosewood. 

Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310 Playability

The next point we want to talk about is their playability and in this part we do think Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310 are equally comfortable to play with. This is probably because their necks are designed to be smaller and slimmer to make sure your hand can move along the fretboard easier than those with thicker design. It is light to play with and many have been strumming their guitars for hours without getting fatigue on their fingers.

Smaller neck is also helpful to learn more complex chords as they are placed closer together so we can start slow and little by little stretch our fingers further. It is both comfortable for learners and those who have been playing the instrument for years.

Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310 Sound 

As for the sound quality, none of the guitars will disappoint you because they are equally amazing for this price range. Side by side they are bright and loud but the FA 115 with its solid spruce top will deliver slightly louder and brighter sound in comparison yet, we don’t think it will be very distinguishable especially for beginners and overall you will love with how good Fender FA 115 and Yamaha F310 are delivering the sound.

Fender FA 115 vs Yamaha F310

You can pick any of these guitars as they are an amazing choice for the budget but they are not identical as well and in our opinion, the wood choice for their top is what sets these guitars apart the most as FA 115 is using solid spruce instead of laminated top. They seem to have different neck and bridge too but what makes the former a better option is because solid wood will age better and more often being used in higher models.

 Fender FA 115Yamaha F310
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Key features- Everything you need to start playing straight out of the box
- Full-size dreadnought body for full and vibrant tone, suited for all styles of music
- 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays
- Rosewood bridge with compensated synthetic bone saddle
- Presenting the multi-award winning Yamaha F310
- Yamaha's F Series are crafted from select tonewoods such as a spruce top and rosewood fingerboard
- Designed to be kind to your fingertips
- Even and accurate fret positioning and quality tuning gears
Customer Ratings*4.7 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars


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For the budget these guitars will be just as good but if we have to pick one, the Fender FA 115 is a better choice as it is made from solid wood and it is a good investment as the wood will age better compared to laminated top.


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