Jasmine S35 vs Yamaha FG800

Guitar is a fun instrument to learn and a fun instrument to play but also sounds beautiful. Many of us are starting to learn the instrument but confused about which model to go with. In general, affordable guitars like Jasmine S35 Vs Yamaha FG800 should be enough for casual players and those who want to get used to the instrument. If these sound like you, go check below about which of these models will fit in your preference so we can shop wisely.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Acoustic Guitar
  • Which Acoustic Guitar to Choose
  • What are Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800
  • What Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800 Look Like
  • What are the Material Building Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800
  • How are the Playability of Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800
  • How are the Sound Performance of Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800
  • Jasmine S32 Vs Yamaha FG800

Acoustic Guitar

Almost everyone loves music and the majority of us like a certain instrument better because it just attracts our interest and fits well in our ears. There is no best instrument or best genre as it is only a matter of personal taste but no matter what music you listen to or who the favorite artist be, it is arguably true that guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn and play casually. Acoustic guitar especially is what the majority of players start with.

The reason why this acoustic instrument is everywhere is because it is acoustic, it doesn’t need anything to produce sound unlike the electric counterpart which requires you to invest in an amplifier. They can be strummed or picked depending on your preference while the small bodies in general makes it easy for both children and adults to carry or play with. Above all, they are able to deliver an amazing sound, we personally love acoustic guitar in ballad or pop songs.

Acoustic Guitar Types

Acoustic guitar is a general term and this is just a category which has many other sub-models inside that can make the choice a bit more complicated than we would like it to be. If you are still new to the instrument, here are some models to recognize and match with your own preference. 

  • Dreadnought is the most common guitar body type which is probably made up most of the available products in the market. The reason why it is very popular is for the versatility itself because it covers a lot of different styles of music but still retains the balance or tone and playability.
  • Parlor shaped guitar also recently being commonly called as baby-sized guitar is essentially a smaller version of dreadnaught. It is mostly used by professional musicians in which the instrument can be played and carried or slug comfortably so it can be both convenient for performing and song composing.
  • Bigger guitar is another great choice for performers or professional musicians, especially those who are playing in a band since it stands out and this can be a key when one is playing with more people in a group. 
  • Classic guitar is the best choice for people who are playing classic music or in love with Latin music or tracks that are prominent in the instrument such as Besame Mucho. The Nylon strings are thick with a unique sound and this is also popular among children because the thick strings are less painful for their fingers to play with compared to steel strings.
 Jasmine S35Yamaha FG800
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Shipping Weight5.64 pounds
6.39 pounds

About Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800

If you now have decided to go with an acoustic guitar, it is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there and it must be very confusing especially for beginners to pick one that seems to fit their application the most. In general guitars below $500 are made ideally for casual and learners but depending on the price range as well as material, each guitar is not exactly the same so it is always great to pick based on what sounds the best to you.

Many well-known manufacturers are ready to offer you with lots of models to consider and they are all reliable. To save time you can shop based on the manufacturer or if budget is restricted we can strictly shop based on how much we can spend. For beginners, Jasmine and Yamaha are two amazing choices to shop from with both nice products and nice price points. The latter may be more popular but quality wise, Jasmine also has an ideal entry-level instrument that sounds good but won’t break the bank.

For those who are planning to allocate $200 or less for the instrument, Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800 are a very ideal choice. They are cheap and available widely but it is also true that most people will probably go with a brand that they know better or more familiar with and this is why you will hear less about Jasmine S32. What’s so attractive about this model is the extremely low price making some reluctant to pick it but in fact, this guitar sounds good, better than what the price tells you.

As for the FG800, this is a fairly popular acoustic guitar, in the entry-level or beginner part of the collection. It is about twice as expensive as the S35; still in the affordable area but it gains fans due to how beautiful the instrument sounds. We personally like it as well and it can be a great choice both for those who prefer strumming and picking.

Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800 Design

As you can see, most acoustics are dreadnought and this is what Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800 are so you can expect how they can deliver a big sound for practice sessions or just strumming casually to a song you like. They are looking like just any other similar guitars in the market and being a full acoustic you will not get any features here besides the subtle and pretty finish. The S35 has various fashions to go with besides the natural, we have shiny black and matte sunburst.

As for the FG800, this model is only available in one natural version and if you want the sunburst version, it is the FG830. They are equally using a great bracing with very little to no difference from most acoustic guitars out there. The S35 uses its own advanced X-bracing (also called scalloped) to provide increased stability and strength at the top while Yamaha improves its scalloped bracing which intended to give a bigger low end but better projection for live and recording application. Overall the build quality is just nice, they carry a little bit weight but similarly around 6 pounds.

Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800 Material

Now moving further, let’s check out the factors that will affect your guitar sound and starting with the materials, this is what set Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800 apart the most because the latter is already using a solid spruce top instead of laminated top used by S35. Laminated tonewood often used in affordable guitars such as Yamaha F310 in our Fender F 115 Vs Yamaha F310 because it is easier to work with compared to solid for they are made out of layers.

The Jasmine S35 also completes it’s built with laminated nato for the back and sides, the same for the neck while its fretboard is made from rosewood with 20 frets combined with a simple, clean white dots. Yamaha also uses laminated nato for the back and side including the neck and the same rosewood for the 20 frets fretboard. These guitars stay the same for the rest of the build especially with the chrome-covered sealed tuners to keep your instrument in tune.

Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800 Playability

As for the playability, we don’t see any problem with these guitars and they should be able to feel comfortable enough for both beginners and those with more experience. Their fretboards are satin so you can move the hand easily and we personally like this finish better than glossy one for it is less slippery. Side by side the S35 may feel slimmer than many other acoustic guitars including FG800 and this makes the instrument easier for learning big chords.

For those who have been playing guitar for quite some time, we don’t think this difference will affect the playability very much but it can be a huge consideration for learners if you are struggling with big chords.

Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800 Sound Performance 

The last part is their sound quality and rather than described, it is better if you listen to the demo itself that is available abundantly on the internet. What we can say about their sound is these are not cheap guitars and the S35 performs just as beautifully to many others in slightly higher price range. They are bright and resonant, very pleasant both for recording demo and just a casual strumming over the weekend. They are more into lighter tones but in comparison FG800 may offer more clarity in general.

Jasmine S35 vs Yamaha FG800

Choosing a guitar especially as a beginner can be very confusing but listening to your ears and getting those which sounds the best in your opinion should serve as a good learning tool. Between Jasmine S32 and Yamaha FG800, these are amazing options in different price levels, and they carry lots of similarity as well with prominent differences on top and sounds because FG800 uses a solid top and has more clarity.

 Jasmine S35Yamaha FG800
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Brand JasmineYamaha
Key features- Features a Spruce Top
- Laminated Nato back & sides.
- Satin Finish
- Chrome covered Tuning Machines
- Solid sitka spruce top
- Nato back & sides
- Rosewood fingerboard
- Rosewood bridge
Customer Ratings*4.5 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars


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All in all you can go with any of them for there is no bad option here but if you are going to commit to learning the instrument or have enough budget, we always recommend solid tonewood like Yamaha FG800 for it can age better.


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