Fender FA 115 vs FA 125

Fender is one of the most popular guitar manufacturers with a huge options of models and a varying price point both for casual and professional players. Even their affordable guitars already sound great such as the Fender FA 115 Vs FA 125. These brothers are pretty much similar when it comes to quality but can be a little bit different as well. If you will be choosing one of them, go check which will seem to fit your preference below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Guitar is Very Popular
  • What are Fender FA 115 and FA 125
  • What Fender FA 115 and FA 125 Look Like
  • How are the Tone Woods of Fender FA 115 and FA 125
  • How are the Playability of Fender FA 115 and FA 125
  • How are the Sound of Fender FA 115 and FA 125
  • Fender FA 115 Vs FA 125

Guitar as Popular Instrument

Learning a new instrument can be a great hobby to fill your free time or for entertainment when you want to relax. The reason why guitar is one of the most popular instruments being played casually and professionally is because they are offering lots of qualities in which many other similar instruments are not capable of giving. However, it is not very rare as well for new players to be attracted to the instrument’s sound. If you need a final push to learn a guitar, here are some reasons to commit:

  • Polyphonic Sound

Not all instruments are able to create polyphonic sound and guitar is one of them. Piano is another popular polyphonic instrument but they can be intimidating to start with unlike guitars with its various factors such as expensive price tag. Other common instruments like saxophone, trumpet, or trombone on the other hand can only play one note at a time.

  • Wide Range of Sound

You may already know but guitar’s range spans nearly 4 octaves compared to similar polyphonic instruments like piano which is about 7. However, this is considered huge as both instruments are very different in size. Guitar is great for it can produce notes from the higher register of the bass range and on up while some extra strings will offer a closer range to a piano. We also want to mention their flexibility because their tone and timbre are suitable for most styles of music like Rock, Latin, Jazz, etc.

  • Compact Size

The instrument size is another factor why guitar is a great choice for a beginner to learn how to play because you can carry them almost anywhere; they are light, fairly compact, and easy to transport. They also require less maintenance and need no assembly so they can be ready to be played anytime.

  • Fairly Easy to Start

One of the reasons why some people are afraid to start learning a new instrument is because of the intimidating start. Guitar is approachable since it is relatively easy to learn to play the first note, scale, or chord. You can see and feel the frets of the guitar clearly to see the division between notes and in fact, for starters we don’t need to know the precise points of their division, unlike violin which have no frets at all.

  • Popular 

This is one of the reasons why guitar is easier to start since the more popular an instrument is, the more resources available out there. There are lots of songs prominently played with guitar and for learning purposes, you can download or watch tons of material on the internet for free.

About Fender FA 115 and FA 125

With these many reasons to learn a guitar, you may want to quickly start the lesson but, before we can learn, it is better to have the instrument first. Guitars are fairly cheap so you don’t have to think much before getting one but depending on your personal taste, our option can be different as well. Cheap guitars are not always bad because many can produce a decent sound and especially for a learner or beginner, it is better to not spend so much yet.

Besides deciding the budget range, deciding the brand or manufacturer will help you shop quickly and you can always choose from that one brand that seems to attract your attention the most. In general all popular manufacturers are reliable, their differences are more of a personal taste and overall product quality especially for the material choices. One of the most well-known guitar brands is Fender and we are sure many will agree about how good their products are including how they carry tons of options to choose from.

Fender is like a direct competitor of Yamaha and both offer gorgeous guitars but can be different depending on the model. Many seem to choose this brand for its electric guitar but their acoustic versions are also worth the attention especially the affordable, beginner friendly like the Fender FA 115 and FA 125. Both of them are close brothers hence they are often compared to each other and side by side they are indeed looking like the same model which makes it a bit difficult to decide.

Nonetheless these guitars are very affordable and should be a great choice for beginner or casual players who want to play at home or hype your moments with friends and family. In general Fender FA 115 and FA 125 are the same models, chances are they are built with the same material and have a very identical sound quality as well but, it doesn’t mean they are an exact copy of each other because overall the new FA 115 is a slightly better option.

Fender FA 115 and FA 125 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, Fender FA 115 and FA 125 are both dreadnought guitars, the same with most acoustic guitars out there and chances are most of the acoustic guitars ideal for beginners are coming in this specific body type. Dreadnought got their name from the battleship and the reason why it is very popular is probably because of its bolder and more penetrating sound. The big shoulders also gave the shape a more distinct look which have been a signature of many musicians.

However, there is nothing special about the rest of the guitars because they are just like any other acoustic models. For the finish, they have the same natural wood finish which seems simple and humble combined with a black, glossy pickguard. They are about the same weight and equally light but compared to many Yamaha’s in the same price range, Fender is actually slightly heavier in hand. 

Fender FA 115 and FA 125 Tone Woods

Moving forward, one of the most important parts when selecting a guitar is their material and this is because they are matters to decide the overall quality of the instruments but, since Fender FA 115 and FA 125 are equally affordable models, let’s not hope to see anything fancy here. Starting with the main part, what sets them apart from each other or probably the one part that makes them different is their top because while both are using spruce as top, FA 115 is made with solid spruce.

Most affordable guitars such as the S35 that you can check on our Jasmine S35 Vs Yamaha FG800 are using laminated spruce which is cheaper but seen as an inferior option over the solid ones. Laminated woods are made from several layers of woods which are combined together, making them easier to make and cheaper in production cost. For the rest of the guitar parts however, they are all using the same wood and all are laminated both for the back and sides.

As for the neck, they are equally using nato in C-shape while the fingerboards are also made from rosewood for easy playability. They use the same headstock and the same die-cast tuning heads to keep your instrument always in tune. Similarly, these models have the same 20 frets just like most acoustic guitars combined with standard and viking rosewood bridges respectively.

Fender FA 115 and FA 125 Playability

Moving to their playability, this is what we love from Fender FA 115 and FA 125 because they are very easy to play and it seems that they are indeed made for beginners or learners since you can move up and down the fret comfortably. The neck is slim and we don’t have any issue when playing these guitars for quite the time which is not always the case for affordable models. In our opinion both beginner and seasoned players will enjoy strumming or picking their strings.

Fender FA 115 and FA 125 Sound Quality

The last point we want to mention is their sound quality and we do think you will love them for how nice they are. For beginners, the difference in sound should not be an issue because we are not focusing here. Side by side, it seems like the FA 115 is more resonant compared to the FA 125 which sounds a bit dampened. They are comfortable to the ears and ideal for strumming or picking depending on your preference.

Fender FA 115 vs FA 125

Choosing a guitar is more of a personal preference rather than specification hunting because not everyone has the same taste. Fender FA 115 and FA 125 are great for their price point as well as similar or the same in most parts but significantly different for the top wood option as the former uses a solid spruce instead of laminated spruce. In sound quality, we feel the FA 115 is also being more resonant and bright compared to FA 125.

 Fender FA 115Fender FA 125
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Brand Fender Fender
Key features- Everything you need to start playing straight out of the box
- Full-size dreadnought body for full and vibrant tone, suited for all styles of music
- 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays
- Rosewood bridge with compensated synthetic bone saddle
- Highly affordable dreadnought acoustic-electric cutaway that is great for beginners
- Laminate spruce top and basswood back and sides produce great tone
- Nato, C-shaped neck with walnut fingerboard offers great playability
- Visually stunning Viking bridge provides great tonal support
Customer Ratings*4.5 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars


You can go with any of them for they are equally good for beginners but if you don’t mind the slight price difference, we personally like the sound of Fender FA 115 better due to it being more resonant and overall better to our ears.

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