DDJ 400 vs DDJ 200

Being a DJ is impossible without the right equipment and controller is the basic option to have in this digital trend. They are working hand in hand with your laptop to create a comfortable and reliable ecosystem but depending on the budget, our choice can be different as well. If you plan to spend less, DDJ 400 Vs DDJ 200 will be two of the most ideal options to go for. For those who are also eyeing these machines, go check which will fit you better here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Consider when Building DJ Setup
  • What are DDJ 400 and DDJ 200
  • What DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 Look Like
  • What DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 can offer
  • What Connectivity DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 have
  • What Software DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 can use
  • DDJ 400 Vs DDJ 200

DJ Setup

This is probably your first attempt to buy a DJ related product and the plethora of options out there can get quite confusing especially if this piece is meant for learning and casual playing purpose. Being a DJ dealing with tons of sounds and effects is an overwhelming job and to do this, you will need reliable gear to optimize your hard work. Not all will prefer the same option and just like everything else, it is best to pick the one that fits you the most.

Price Point

This is where everything starts and it also can be a huge step to overcome because DJ equipment can be very expensive depending on the manufacturer, model, etc. that play roles in deciding how good the product is. Not all will choose a professional model as a beginner and the best product will not make one’s the best DJ as well so our recommendation is try to set a budget and go with whatever we can purchase now but put more effort in learning and dedication.

DJ Controller or Real Deck 

This is probably the most important and the first factor you may want to consider when deciding to learn or be a DJ. They are doing the same thing but in different method or way and as the name suggest, a controller is not actually working with real audio and the function is to send signal to your computer or laptop in which all the processing part is being done; it is like a physical buttons and knobs of those various features we can have inside a DJ software.

On the other hand a real deck and mixer is doing the processing right on the deck by controlling the audio signal that comes out from the deck into the mixer and actually doing the manipulation audio through physical buttons, knobs, faders, etc. The reason why controllers are ideal for beginners is because they are cheaper than building real decks so everyone can start easier and faster.

 DDJ 400DDJ 200
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Shipping Weight6.79 pounds
4.35 pounds

Software and Reliability

If you are going with a controller, another factor to consider is their software options but this will be highly subjective as we can have different preferences. For example the popular Serato is working with tons of controllers and if you are buying Pioneer, many of their machines are packed with Rekordbox ready to be used. The reason why some DJs are going with decks and mixers is sometimes laptops can be unreliable and making them the center of your performance can sometimes give bad experiences.

About DDJ 400 and DDJ 200

Now when you already have decided to go with either controller or building a real deck, we can start checking the options available in the market. You can find lots of products depending on the budget range and skill level or just overall preference but if you are here then it means DJ controller is the most ideal option to go with. They are the most versatile for a beginner because chances are you already have a computer to work with.

DJ controllers may come in varying price ranges from $30 to those in the thousands but when talking about controller; one brand that instantly comes to our mind is the Pioneer DDJ. They are one of the most versatile choices available due to the wide range of options and overall amazing product qualities. They will have the perfect product for anyone who just wants to start or just recently interested in DJ-ing to those professionals who play in huge gigs and create their own sounds.

For those who are casually playing, recently starting, or just want to have a controller that won’t ask so much from their pocket, DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 will be an amazing options to consider. These models are very affordable and you don’t have to think too much about getting one but it doesn’t mean that they are exactly the same controllers. As you can already guessed from the name, the former is a higher option and will also be pricier but you will find some capabilities only available here.

This is probably very subjective but one of the things we love from Pioneer is they seem to keep the native layout in almost any of their controllers making them instantly familiar if you have ever used one of their similar models before including when upgrading later. DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 are designed for anyone who wants to develop their skill but the big brother is sufficient enough to be played in a crowd such as small parties as well. Read also: DDJ 400 Vs DDJ SB3.

DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 Design

The second qualities we love from Pioneer including for these DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 is their build quality because while they are not pricey, the build quality is very solid and both are made of thick plastic which we are sure cam sustained some travelling journey if you will be transporting them and will definitely last for years in your home studio. Form factor wise DDJ 400 will be around 19-inch wide and 10.7-inch deep while the DDJ 200 is about 14.8-inch wide and 8-inch deep.

As you can see from the sample picture above, these controllers are fairly similar in layout and chances are you will find the most of the basic functions in both models but if you check them out closely the DDJ 200 also lacks some certain controls. One of the benefits of this controller is that we can just use smartphone or tablet to start in which is not very ideal for DDJ 400 due to the mapping. In addition they also seem to have different ports collection.

DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 Features

Moving further, let’s check what DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 can offer and starting with their overall features or functionality, the first that caught our attention is their browse knob which only available in DDJ 400 and not in the DDJ 200, making the former being more convenient as you can use it to select track and put it on each deck. The second is a manual loop button which also adds into the convenience as you don’t need to access it from the laptop.

What sets them apart the most in our opinion is the dedicated FX section because having one here is more than just convenient, it is overall more professional and as you can guess, we can apply echoes, delays, gates, etc. which is not offered by the DDJ 200. In addition, you can do it over the two decks or the master channel directly from the controller while the little brother only has XY style pad. Another difference is you can change the pad modes in this model without having to physically access the laptop.

DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 Connectivity

The next part we want to talk about is their ports and this is important as DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 are also quite different here. First, you will only find one port in the DDJ 200 and it is meant to power the unit so you can either plug it to direct power or a laptop and similar devices while also using them for the audio output. You can use split cable for speaker or use Bluetooth speaker as well in the setup. 

Second, the DDJ 400 has RCA ports for your speaker monitor for direct monitoring. It can be connected to a laptop or computer like most controllers but it also has a microphone jack in which sound will be put on top of whatever you are currently making and the level is directly adjusted with a small knob on its side.

DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 Software

The last part we want to mention is their software and in this part, if you will be getting the DDJ 400, this model will come with a license for Rekordbox in which the DDJ 200 is not included with any DJ software. However, you can download and use many available software for free in your smart device depending on which seems to fit your preference better whether it is WeDJ, Rekordbox, Djay, or Edjing Mix; all of them seem to be available in both main operating systems.

DDJ 400 vs DDJ 200

Both of DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 are amazing controllers for the price range, for their capabilities and reliabilities but they are also different because you can find some useful features such as dedicated FX panel for applying FX directly to the deck and DDJ 400 also comes with a more professional layout or setup option with direct connectivity to speaker and in addition, it has microphone port as well. But, the DDJ 200 is compact, can be used conveniently with smartphones, as well as cheaper.

 DDJ 400DDJ 200
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Key features- Club Style layout similar to that of the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2
- Built in sound card with plug and play connectivity via USB cable
- Includes Rekordbox DJ license key
- New Features of Rekordbox Ver 5.3 – Tutorial feature to help learn how to DJ
- Connect your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac to start mixing.
- Depending on your app and device combo, you can mix sounds via streaming services including Beatport LINK
- Our updated WeDJ for iPhone app includes Tutorial and Pop-Hint features.
- hoose from 11 effect styles and simply slide the crossfader to the other side to smoothly switch tunes.
Customer Ratings*4.7 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars

You can pick any of them depending on which will seems to fit your application or taste the most and for those who only starting to learn or not sure whether to commit or not, the DDJ 200 is a wiser option but for those who know what they want and more serious into the game, DDJ 400 is a more reliable choice.

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