Roland TD 17KV vs KVX

Drum kits not only sound amazing but they have an integral role in a band responsible for the building of rhythm. If you are a drummer, consider electronic drums kit for learning and convenient playing because they are cheaper and you can play quieter. Roland TD 17KV Vs KVX are ideal choices for budget shoppers but quality wise they are not compromising the sound. If you are also eyeing these drums kit, go check what they can offer below and pick the most suitable option.

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  • What are Roland TD 17KV and KVX
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  • How are the Cymbal and Hi-Hat in Roland TD 17KV and KVX
  • How are the Module of Roland TD 17KV and KVX
  • Roland TD 17KV Vs KVX

Electronic Drum Kit

Electronic drums kits are very popular due to its ability to deliver the sound and experience of real drums but without the bulk and loud nature. Nowadays more and more people are interested in playing with kit, especially for beginners or new learners due to its convenience but, there are also some who only want to play with the acoustic instrument. We personally like either of them but there are indeed some experiences that can’t be mimicked by e-drums kit that you can easily get from an acoustic set.

Electronic drum kits may still sound unfamiliar for some people and the way they work can be confusing as well but, just with any electronic instruments; there will be pads or triggers and the trigger interface or what we commonly call a module. The pad itself may come in varying materials such as rubber with a transducer embedded inside the housing or another type is mesh or woven fabric with internally replaceable triggers. Both are the same but have different feelings and it all depends on the user preference.

This is because whatever the pad is made from, they will work in the same manner in which when the pad is struck, the transducer inside will send an impulse to the module and then play the note assigned to the channel. While it sounds not very interesting at first, technology has made electronic instruments better and when it comes to drums kit, the pad itself is sensitive thus, when the player hits harder, the more signal is sent to increase the volume; just like the real drums.

There are various factors that make a good drums kit “good” and one of them is the module, similar to how digital piano sounds great when they have good sampling or modeling. In a drums kit, the better module can create extremely nuanced sounds that accurately mirror the drummer’s technique even with just a slight movement. With the increased use of electronic instruments, you can find hybrid kits as well where drummers combine a multi pad or adding acoustic triggers into their acoustic drums set.

Usually drum pad and its cymbal have more than one sensor placed beneath their surface which then allows the module to reproduce the sounds created by hitting various parts of the instrument e.g. the head or rim of snare drums or the sound of bell, bow, or hitting cymbal on its edge. If the module is capable of recreating various sounds, it is easily possible to have anything from funk bass, guitar, sounds effects, percussion, etc. including when using MIDI to trigger sounds from any enabled sound module or keyboard.

 Roland TD 17KVRoland TD 17KVX
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50 pounds

About Roland TD 17KV and KVX

It is apparent that an electronic drums kit is a very capable modern instrument that can benefit your playing experience and we are sure you are eager to have one now. While it is true that these drum kits are amazing, not all models are created the same and this is where things can get confusing because at the end of the day, our own preference will decide which product will sit best in our room/studio and it should be based on what you need.

Electronic drums kits are everywhere and chances are your favorite company also has one in their collection. Talking about the modern drums kit, Roland will undoubtedly be one of the most popular companies that offer reliable products and they are also a great choice for first time buyers because you can pick from lots of models yet will still be satisfied with the performance. However, their price range also varies and the more you spend, the better the kit will perform.

Checking out their newest collection, there is the TD 17 series that came out not very long ago with several different kits to offer in which two of them are Roland TD 17KV and KVX. This line seems to justify the company’s position in the electronic instrument market as a top player for drum sets and not long after the kits hit the shops, they easily become the favorite of many drummers who are looking for a good mid-range option without breaking the bank.

The TD 17 line itself has three total drum kits and the last is TD 17KL which is also the cheapest inside the family. All of them are offering the similar qualities but the price justify why both Roland TD 17KV and KVX are the top two and often what is considered for people in the budget range of $1-2k. Overall, these kits are using the same module and in our opinion, the KV is more ideal for those who are not sure yet about the commitment.

Roland TD 17KV and KVX Kits

As you can see on the sample picture above, Roland TD 17KV and KVX are fairly the same in terms of design and they are also coming with similar set inside the box but, what you can notice greatly in these sets is that the 17KV will have different hi-hat system than its brother where it gives standalone hi-hat pedal and a CY-5 hi-hat where the KVX has a VH-10 hi-hat but, it doesn’t give you a hi-hat pedal and stand so we have to purchase them separately.

Besides this prominent difference, the rest are fairly the same with identical TD-17 module, PDX-12 snare, three PDX-8 toms, a CY-8 crash cymbal for the KV variant and two 12C for the KVX variant, one CY-8 and CY-13R ride cymbal respectively, one KD-10 kick pedal, and the same MDS-4V or MDS-4KVX drum stand. Read also: Alesis SR18 Vs Boss DR 880.

Roland TD 17KV and KVX Snare and Toms

Talking about electronic drums kit means you have to check their snare pad as well because it is the core of every drum set and the PDX-12 in both Roland TD 17KV and KVX is amazing for it allows for realistic buzz rolls and rim shots. Measured at 12-inch it will give a more premium feeling compared to many smaller and cheaper pads especially with its two-play mesh head which is tunable with a drum key so you can adjust the amount of bounce or rebound provided.

Moving further, let’s check the kick pedal as well and these models will also come with the same KD-10 pedal which is actually a bit smaller for those who are used to real kits but you can still fit two pedals here if needed. For the tom pads, they have a set of three PDX-8 which are 8-inch in size with dual-zone triggers for assignment of sounds to both the head and rim. 

Roland TD 17KV and KVX Cymbal and Hi-Hat

One of the prominent differences is on the cymbal pads between the two. Starting with 17KV, it has two CY-8 cymbal pads for crash and ride with dual-zone only which makes you can play either on the edge or the bow without the bell zone. Its hi-hat controller is not the best but still useful and for the hi-hat pad itself, it has a 10-inch playing surface with separate bow and edge zones. It also includes an FD-9 foot pedal for quiet playing. In 17KVX, you will get the same dual-zone cymbals but are larger in 12-inch.

This drums kit has an additional ride cymbal which is really good despite only being measured at 13-inch as this one has three zones to allow players hitting them and getting samples from each bow, edge, and bell. Another difference is on the hi-hat for the 17KVX uses VH10 stand mounted hi-hat pad and this requires a stand and pedal which are not included in the package. However, it does give a far more realistic impression.

Roland TD 17KV and KVX Module

Besides the hardware, drum kits are affected by their module as well and here Roland TD 17KV and KVX are packed with the same TD 17 module which includes a total of 50 preset kits with 310 drum/percussion sounds and you can even add WAV samples using SD/HC card. This module is actually the first from Roland to carry the feature and what’s even more amazing, you can stream or play along to any song through Bluetooth. We also love the user-interface of this module that is pretty easy to understand.

Roland TD 17KV vs KVX

Both of these drum kits are amazing for the price point and they are also quite similar to each other yet, the TD 17KVX is indeed a more reliable option between the two. This model has more crash cymbal and has a hi-hat pad which requires a stand and its own pedal. Outside of these differences they are almost identical, especially with the same TD 17 module so even when picking the 17KV, you can still expand it later if desired.

 Roland TD 17KVRoland TD 17KVX
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Brand RolandRoland
Key features- Natural, rich and dynamic drum sounds, inherited from flagship TD-50 sound engine
- Learn expressive foot control and pedal technique with the KD-10 Kick pad
- Customize the preset drum kits to match your preferred drum sound
- Develop your playing and timing with free to download 'Melodics for V-Drums' software (PC/Mac)
- Natural, rich and dynamic drum sounds, inherited from flagship TD-50 sound engine
- Learn expressive foot control and pedal technique with the KD-10 Kick pad
- Customize the preset drum kits to match your preferred drum sound
- VH-10 Hi-hat cymbal with natural motion and open/close detection helps learn hi-hat control
Customer Ratings*4.7 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars

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All in all both are good options in different price point but, if you don’t have any issue with the budget, we highly recommend to get Roland TD 17KVX because this kit have a more realistic feeling and overall have better hardware but, don’t forget to also get its hi-hat stand and pedal as well.


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