Yamaha MG06X Vs MG10XU

Mixers are an important component of your audio equipment to control and tweak the sound even further. There are plenty of them out there depending on what you want to achieve and how much you want to invest such as Yamaha MG06X Vs MG10XU that are two brothers in different price ranges. While coming from the same family, the two are quite different and if you wonder which of them will be the better choice in your new setup or as replacement, see what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are the Types of Audio Mixers
  • What are Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU
  • How are Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU Look Like
  • What Preamp used in Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU
  • What are the Specifications of Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU
  • How Many Effects in Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU
  • Yamaha MG06X Vs MG10XU

Audio Mixer Types

There are lots of audio components to let you achieve a desired result and many of them are also affordable depending on what type of setup or what level of capabilities and convenience that you need. An audio mixer or also often called a mixing board is the tool you want to have for such a function and their main goal in a setup is blending or tweaking the audio signals from different sources such as microphones, musical instruments like electric guitar, and other audio sources.

They are also sending the mixed and polished signals to your output jacks which are connecting to other equipment such as amplifiers, powered speakers, as well as recording systems. Overall they are true to the name or function as a mixing station for your audio processing purposes. As technology developed, there are several types of mixer or mixing board as well that are coming with the same purpose but have few differences that set them apart from each other based on the technology they carry.

The first type is analog mixer and as the name suggest, each control on an analog mixer will perform a single function hence we can get familiar with the board in no time as we can take a glance at them and know what each buttons or knobs are made for thus, we can make a quick adjustment. In general analog models will cost less than the digital variants because they lack the automation and programmability we often see and need for complex recording and show.

The next type is powered mixers and it is actually an analog mixer with built-in amplification. Powered mixers are compact and portable in general as well as easy to set up and work with non-powered PA speakers. In most cases they are coming with two amp channels or can power two main speakers or one speaker with one monitor. Powered PA mixers are usually featured with line-level outputs to let you expand a system by adding powered speakers and monitors but with powered speakers, we don’t need to use separate amps.

The most modern is a digital mixer and this type often offers a greater range of control capabilities. Through this compact device, we can save and recall setups which can be a game changer for typical applications such as in studios with various users and their own settings. In theatrical production it can be convenient as well when you need to make quick scene-by-scene changes. In some models the mixers may come with wireless remote control as well to allow you to make adjustments through smart devices while you walk around the room.

 Yamaha MG06X Yamaha MG10XU
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About Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU

If you are here then it means you are currently looking for a new mixer as well and since there are quite a lot of them out there, we may have to spend some time to decide which of them will be the better option. We recommend investing some time to know at least a little bit about your choice as it will help getting the better choices. If you don’t have much time we can see what other similar users are opting since chances they will match yours as well.

When it comes to audio mixers, there are actually plenty of options out there both from large, famous companies to the less-familiar for most people but to save time, it is probably more convenient to stick with your favorite brands or brands that you are already familiar with. Among the old favorites, Yamaha is often our first choice for various audio equipment including for mixers as they have plenty of amazing options in the catalog with continuous upgrades to follow recent trends and technologies.

They have few lines you can check out but for the more compact one, we have MG line which seems to get an upgrade in the last decade with new models coming out. The line now has 10 new mixers which are already available since 2014, consisting of a wide variety of options. If you plan to spend around $200 and less, Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU are two ideal options to consider. Both of them are actually on a different price range and quite different as well in terms of capabilities.

Rather than the purpose it is more about what features MG06X can offer as this is the second lowest model in the line after the basic MG06 which is about $50 cheaper. On the other hand, the MG10XU is more of a middle option so it is already quite rich in features. Both Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU are similarly mixing consoles with built-in effects but the latter is made for those who will process more signals and thus, they are made for different users.

Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU Design

These modern mixers are looking like almost any other mixers out there with a fairly compact design and in comparison the MG10XU will be wider or larger as well since this variant is housing more ports and controls for each one of them. Side by side the mixers will be 5.9 inches wide, 2.4 inches tall, and 7.9 inches deep compared to 9.6 inches wide, 2.8 inches tall, and 11.6 inches deep. The body material may look like plastic but these chassis are from metal.

When you inspect the mixers, it becomes clear that the MG06X is not equipped with USB port so if you have any plan on using the unit with computer then any model with XU at the back including MG10XU will be the ideal choice as this lettering means your mixer comes with the port. Read also: DDJ 400 Vs DDJ 200 here.

Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU Preamp 

Now let’s move further to see what Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU can offer and starting with the most important, we do think it is the new D-PRE Class-A microphone preamp. This preamp is said to be the same to those in Steinberg UR-and MR-series audio interfaces and since their brand is also owned by Yamaha, it is not very surprising anymore. This preamp is gaining popularity because it is very musical sounding with low noise and plenty of gain thus, you can hope to hear much from these mixers.

Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU Specification

The two have fairly the same general specification however and the most important is probably the type of configuration itself because as you may already know, the little brother MG06X is a 6 input model while the latter is a 10 input model and if you need more, there are 12, 16, or even 20 input models from the same line. In comparison the former has 2-XLR/TRS/TS mono inputs while the latter has 4 of them but they similarly have phantom power, 26 dB pad and 80 Hz filter switches.

Both Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU are also featured with EQ but you will only get two band on the lower model and three band EQ on the higher model with addition of mid gain at 2.5 kHz peaking. In addition, only the MG10XU that comes with one knob compressor for the input 1 and input 2. These knobs are very convenient when you want to reduce the dynamic range of a sound thus, we don’t need to use the fader but can conveniently reach these knobs.

Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU Effects

The last part we want to talk about is their effects because this is also where the two are prominently different from each other. As a higher model, the MG10XU is packed with a whopping 24 different effects such as reverb, delay, and modulation but with more collection to choose from like adding modulation to the sound to produce similar to rise and fall sound of jet engine or creating thicker ensemble-like sound by adding the multiple sound with different delay times.

In MG06X, we only have reverb and delay or a total of 6 different effects which can be enough or not depending on what you want to achieve. We can adjust the effects to a certain level on both mixers through the dedicated parameter knobs. They can be enabled and disabled conveniently as well with nearby buttons/controls.

Yamaha MG06X Vs MG10XU

Both Yamaha MG06X and MG10XU are good options if you are currently looking for a compact audio mixer. They are quite different from each other however, especially on the amount of channel, connectivity, and the amount of built-in effects. In general the MG10XU has a 10 channels system with digital port USB to connect with your computer, as well as a total of 24 effects to play around with.

 Yamaha MG06XYamaha MG10XU
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Brand YamahaYamaha
Key features- Max. 2 Mic / 6 Line Inputs (2 mono + 2 stereo)
- 1 Stereo Bus
- "D-PRE" mic preamps with an inverted Darlington circuit
- High-grade effects: SPX with 6 programs
- Max. 4 Mic / 10 Line Inputs (4 mono + 3 stereo)
- "D-PRE" mic preamps with an inverted Darlington circuit
- 1-Knob compressors
- High-grade effects: SPX with 24 programs
Customer Ratings*4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars


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It is wise to shop based on which do you prefer better and for those who will be using more inputs or digital port, we recommend going with the higher model MG10XU but if 6 inputs is enough then let’s save some by going with the MG06X.

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