5 Best Cheap Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

5 Best Cheap Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

Although multi-effects processors are basically digital devices, and thus some people in the bass community are against their use, bass multi-effects processors have received a lot of improvement from the modern technologies. Hence, the sound quality and features are getting better and better than ever before. In addition, modern multi-effects processors are now coming with various advanced features that analog pedals simply can’t provide. Not to mention the portability and ease of set-up. Since a multi-effects processor can easily take the place of several analog pedals, there is a strong reason why multi-effects processors are considered much more practical. Fine, individual analog pedals can give you better sound quality, but the incredible flexibility and convenience of multi-effects processors are just too great to be missed.

Best Cheap Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

Now, if you are looking for an affordable yet reliable bass guitar multi-effects processor, you have come to the right place. Below, you can find the 5 best cheap bass guitar multi-effects processors that we have gathered from around the market. These models are chosen because, despite their budget-friendly prices, they offer professional quality and awesome value. Now, take a look!

1. Zoom B1Xon
Available for a budget under a hundred bucks, Zoom B1Xon is definitely an awesome value for the money. Seriously, it comes at a very affordable price point that is very difficult to be competed by the other competitors. It has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use. On the device, you can find two footswitches, an integrated expression pedal, and a backlit display screen with a handful of controls. It is packed with various built-in effects, including a variety of compression, distortion, modulation, reverb, delay, and amp models. The programming is simple and straightforward, it can be used by even a first timer. You can chain up to 5 effects simultaneously at any order for extensive sound shaping. The effects quality is great; you just don’t underestimate Zoom’s effects. There is a built-in looper, too, which can record up to 30 seconds. There are 68 built-in rhythm patterns that are very useful for practice sessions. All in all, Zoom B1Xon is an excellent solution for a bassist who wants to start using a multi-effects processor with commonly used effects without spending too much money.

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2. DigiTech BP355
DigiTech BP355 can be your choice if you are looking for a slightly more advanced and powerful bass guitar multi-effects processor. The die-cast chassis is very rugged and durable. It has three footswitches, an expression pedal, and a row of seven-segment screens that are very easy to read from a standing height. The effects quality is good, and it comes with various effects including filters, distortions, delays, and high-quality Lexicon reverbs. There are 70 pre-programmed factory presets, and you can create up to 70 user presets. By using the USB port, you can stream to your computer and customize your presets more extensively using DigiTech X-Edit. The Cubase LE recording software is also included. DigiTech BP355 includes a built-in chromatic tuner, which is handy, and a built-in looper that can record up to 20 seconds. There are 60 drum patterns that you can use in practice sessions as well as solo performances.

Best Cheap Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Processor 2

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3. Zoom B3n
You can say that Zoom B3n is an ‘update’ model for Zoom B3, which was and still is incredibly popular. The best thing about both Zoom B3 and Zoom B3n is the incredible flexibility and control. With three dedicated display screens and dedicated controls, you can quickly control three effects at the same time. However, Zoom B3 only has three footswitches; Zoom B3n has six. The effects in the new model were made using new modern technologies, and have overall better quality. Zoom B3n has removed several effects from its library, which is kind of unfortunate, but this is done so that Zoom B3n can be available at the same price range as Zoom B3 yet with better sound quality. Still, the 67 built-in effects, 5 amp models, and 5 cabinet models should be enough to shape your bass sound extensively. Besides, you can really hear the improved sound quality, especially with the amp and cabinet models. So, that is quite a good trade-off. Not to mention that you can now use up to 7 effects/models chained up simultaneously! The looper can record up to 80 seconds, with 68 rhythm patterns that can be synced with the looper. Zoom B3n is an excellent bass guitar multi-effects processor if you are looking for great sound quality and flexible control.

Best Cheap Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Processor 3

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4. Boss ME-20B
Another affordable multi-effects processor with a lot of features that enable you to shape and improve the sound of your bass guitar in almost any possible way. You can mix and match and customize a wide variety of high-quality effects including overdrive, distortion, compression, reverb, delay, wah, phaser, flanger, defretter, and synth. The die-cast aluminum housing is sturdy yet lightweight, making it road-worthy and suitable to bring along. It allows you to store up to 30 presets in the memory bank. The EZ Edit mode is very practical for quickly adjusting the presets.

Best Cheap Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Processor 4

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5. Source Audio Soundblox 2 SA223 Manta
If you are looking for something that is very compact and simple to use, Source Audio Soundblox 2 makes an excellent choice. It is very compact and portable, featuring two footswitches and a handful of control knobs for quick, intuitive settings. There are twelve filter effects and eight distortion variations that are designed to work with each other to create full, complex sounds. The sound quality is very good, thanks to the crystal-clear 24-bit converters and the 56-bit digital signal processor. Well, you can make only two presets on the device, but it is MIDI compatible. With the right controller, you can make up to 128 presets using this multi-effects processor.

Best Cheap Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Processor 5

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