Ibanez AS53 Vs Epiphone Dot

Confused in choosing between Ibanez AS53 vs Epiphone Dot? Both of them are semi-hollow electric guitars that are very popular on the market. Ibanez AS53 is praised for the neck playability, overall build quality, and consistent sound quality. On the other hand, Epiphone Dot is more expensive, and is said to be comparable to the … Read moreIbanez AS53 Vs Epiphone Dot

Epiphone PR-150 Review: Acoustic Guitar Vintage Sunburst

An acoustic guitar is a type of guitar sound generated comes from the vibration of the strings of the guitar are streamed through the saddle and bridge place fastener strings into sound. Sound inside this sound will resonate against the wood of the guitar body. The type and quality of wood and string type used … Read moreEpiphone PR-150 Review: Acoustic Guitar Vintage Sunburst

Epiphone Wildkat Review: Huge Value, Great Sounding Semi-Hollow Electric

Throughout the time, Epiphone has managed to build a well-known reputation as one of the best guitar manufacturers of the world. The company’s electric guitars are loved by many, thanks to the high quality and great sound. However, one of the most notable Epiphone electric guitars is certainly none other than Epiphone Wildkat. For years, … Read moreEpiphone Wildkat Review: Huge Value, Great Sounding Semi-Hollow Electric

Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE Review: All Solid Woods for Quality Tone

Choosing the right guitar that can suit your playing style and level is not easy. With the number of available guitar models on the market, it is virtually impossible to compare them all and evaluate them one by one. Well, however, you can try reading some online reviews and articles before deciding to buy a … Read moreEpiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE Review: All Solid Woods for Quality Tone

Ibanez AS73 Vs Epiphone Dot

A lot of people have also undergone the inner battle of choosing between Ibanez AS73 and Epiphone Dot. Both are hollow-body guitars available in a similar price range, although Epiphone Dot is usually available at a slightly higher price point than Ibanez AS73. Nevertheless, both are great entry-level electric guitars. So, which is the one … Read moreIbanez AS73 Vs Epiphone Dot

Epiphone Wildkat Vs Dot

Are you wondering about which semi-hollow electronic guitar that you should choose? For somebody who has a limited budget, Epiphone models become excellent feasible choices. Indeed, Epiphone guitars are known for their affordability and budget-friendliness. They also have decent performance. For a budget around four hundred bucks or so, Epiphone Wildkat and Epiphone Dot can … Read moreEpiphone Wildkat Vs Dot

Epiphone EB-3 Vs Gibson SG

Gibson SG has always been a particularly famous electric guitar model. It is used by many professionals and experts. However, it is priced at a considerable price point. This fact has caused people, especially beginners, to search for a more affordable alternative. Epiphone EB-3 is one notable choice. Available at a much lower price, Epiphone … Read moreEpiphone EB-3 Vs Gibson SG

Epiphone Les Paul 100 Vs Special II

If you are looking for an affordable and budget-friendly entry-level Epiphone electric guitar model, perhaps you have met Epiphone Les Paul 100 and Epiphone Les Paul Special II. Between the two, Epiphone Les Paul II is a little bit cheaper in price compared to Epiphone Les Paul 100. However, there are several similar specifications and … Read moreEpiphone Les Paul 100 Vs Special II