Squier Affinity Review: A Slightly Thinner Entry-Level Stratocaster

Stratocaster guitar was first designed by Leo Fender in 1954, and has become extremely popular among electric guitar players all over the world. It has been played by quite some of the best guitarists of the world, and everybody has become familiar with the looks of it. Due to the popularity, a lot of manufacturers … Read moreSquier Affinity Review: A Slightly Thinner Entry-Level Stratocaster

Squier Affinity Vs Standard

Squier models often arise confusion among potential buyers. Mostly because these models can be very similar to each other in most parts of their specifications and features. However, these models sport very different prices. Also, if you try to do online research, you will find that each model has its own plus and minus points, … Read moreSquier Affinity Vs Standard

Squier Bullet Vs Affinity

Previously, we have ever compared Squier Affinity against Squier Standard, a higher model that differs in size and core material. It turned out that both models are excellent, and both can be great choices under different circumstances and requirements. On the following article, we once again will compare two Squier Stratocaster guitars. This time, they … Read moreSquier Bullet Vs Affinity

Squier Strat Vs Fender Strat

The Fender Strat has been extremely popular ever since its first release back then in the ‘50s. The double-cutaway guitar features a distinctive extended top horn shape for balance, as well as enhancing the looks. It is extremely versatile that it is suitable for most music styles, from country to heavy metal, from pop to … Read moreSquier Strat Vs Fender Strat