Sony ECM CS3 Review: Mini Clip-Style Omnidirectional Mic

Are you trying to perform a solo recording, in which you need a mic that is small enough to be easily mounted anywhere so that you are able to use your hands freely? What you need is a mini clip-style mic, and Sony ECM CS3 is an excellent solution for you. Available at a price … Read moreSony ECM CS3 Review: Mini Clip-Style Omnidirectional Mic

Floureon BM-800 Review: A Reliable, Affordable, Multi-Purpose Condenser

Are you looking for a decent and reliable condenser microphone for broadcasting, podcasting, or recording? Take a look on Floureon BM-800! The product has sat comfortably as one of the best-selling mic models on the market, thanks to the very competitive price and included accessories. Often considered as a high-value product, Floureon BM-800 also offers … Read moreFloureon BM-800 Review: A Reliable, Affordable, Multi-Purpose Condenser

Neewer NW-700 Review: Affordable and Budget-Friendly Condenser Mic

If you are looking for a decent condenser mic that is affordable and budget-friendly, you can’t always find one in those list of best microphones available online. However, you should take a particular look at Neewer NW-700. Designed as a multi-purpose condenser mic, Neewer NW-700 is available for a budget under fifty bucks, and is … Read moreNeewer NW-700 Review: Affordable and Budget-Friendly Condenser Mic

Shure SM7B Vs Heil PR40

With a budget between three hundred and four hundred bucks, there are two dynamic microphones that often capture the attention of potential buyers: Shure SM7B and Heil PR40. Their exceptional qualities often make people consider each of these products as an all-in-one weapon for multiple purposes. They are being priced at almost similar prices, though … Read moreShure SM7B Vs Heil PR40

Audio-Technica AT2020 Vs Blue Yeti

Before we begin, let me tell you that Audio-Technica AT2020 is available in two variants, the standard variant has an integral 3-pin XLRM output connector while the plus variant has a USB output connector. Because we are going to compare the product against Blue Yeti, an extremely popular professional-quality USB microphone, we are going to … Read moreAudio-Technica AT2020 Vs Blue Yeti

Shure SM58 Vs Sennheiser E835

Shure and Sennheiser are certainly big names in the market of audio equipment. Now, if you are seeking for a reliable microphone under a hundred bucks, then take a look at Shure SM58 and Sennheiser E835. Seriously, while Shure SM58 is extremely famous among newbies and professionals alike, Sennheiser E835 acts much like the counterpart … Read moreShure SM58 Vs Sennheiser E835

Razer Seiren Elite Vs Blue Yeti

Whatever your purpose is, if you are seeking a reliable mic that can be very versatile, then you are most probably considering to get yourself a USB microphone. Why? Well, obviously, because the USB – the Universal Serial Bus – is, uh, universal. Nearly every electronic device has a USB port, from smartphones to desktop … Read moreRazer Seiren Elite Vs Blue Yeti