Korg Minilogue Vs Moog Sub Phatty

Even though digital synthesizers are now very popular because of the affordable prices and rich features, many people still stick with analog synthesizers due to the unmatchable sound quality. In the following article, we will discuss about the comparisons between Korg Minilogue vs Moog Sub Phatty. Both of these two analog models are available in … Read moreKorg Minilogue Vs Moog Sub Phatty

Korg Minilogue Vs Roland Gaia

The first synthesizers were all analogue, but then digital synthesizers came up and became more popular because they were relatively cheaper to produce. Even so, today, the trend has gone back to analogue models. This is because analogue synths generally offer better audio quality. Still, digital synths are getting better and better at emulating analogue … Read moreKorg Minilogue Vs Roland Gaia

Korg Minilogue Vs Roland System 1

Many people have been wondering whether they should buy Korg Minilogue or Roland System 1. The truth is, there is no straightforward answer to the question. This is because Korg Minilogue and Roland System 1 are essentially two different machines that have different pros and cons. Korg Minilogue is an analog synthesizer, whereas Roland System … Read moreKorg Minilogue Vs Roland System 1

Korg Minilogue Vs MiniBrute

Synthesizers generally play with the keyboard, but can also be controlled through a variety of other input devices, including a music sequencer, controlling instruments, fingerboards, synthesizer guitar, wind controllers, and electronic drums. Synthesizer using a variety of methods to generate signal. Among the techniques the most popular wave synthesis is a subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis, … Read moreKorg Minilogue Vs MiniBrute

Korg Minilogue Vs Monologuebk

The arguably the hottest pair of affordable analogue hardware synthesizers available now Korg Minilogue vs Monologuebk are often direct comparison subjects. But do not let a similar name give you the wrong idea. Although Korg suggests that mono take inspiration from their predecessors they have deliberately made entities completely separate rather than miniature 25 Minilogue … Read moreKorg Minilogue Vs Monologuebk

Moog Sub 37 Vs Model D

Digital synthesizer keyboard is provided with mains sound relatively more and better than on other types of keyboards, with full capability for editing, combining, even building a new sound (creating). Synthesizer capable of creating sound that resembles the sound of another instrument, with Merge-Merge the various parameters of the sound. Novice users are advised not … Read moreMoog Sub 37 Vs Model D