Zoom G5 Vs G5n

A lot of guitar players get confused in choosing between Zoom G5 and Zoom G5n. Though they have pretty similar names and perhaps also almost similar looks, there are a lot more things that are hidden within them. Zoom G5 can be found to be quite significantly more expensive than Zoom G5n. While both models are certainly much better, both in performance and cost efficiency, than self-contained systems, which one is the most suitable for our needs. How does Zoom G5 compare to Zoom G5n? Is the extra price increment worth it? Let us find out!

Zoom G5 Vs G5n

Features and Performance
One may possibly consider Zoom G5n as a budget version of Zoom G5. It is available at a much lower price with nearly similar functionalities. However, there are indeed some compromises happened behind the lower price. Zoom G5n’s features are just not as deep as Zoom G5’s. Both models certainly have Z-Pedals. But Zoom G5 comes with a lot more built-in effects than Zoom G5n, 123 compared to 68. Also, Zoom G5 comes with more amp models than Zoom G5n, 22 compared to 10. Zoom G5 has 297 user patches while Zoom G5n only has 100 user patches. As the result, Zoom G5 can be much, much more versatile for various needs and play styles than Zoom G5n. Even so, both models do allow up to 9 simultaneous audio effects. Worth mentioning, however, Zoom G5n is able to record longer loop, up to 80 seconds, while Zoom G5 can only record loop up to 60 seconds. (Click here to see another versus of Zoom’s product)

Zoom G5 is armed with more connectivity choices than Zoom G5n. Both models accept standard mono ¼” phone jack input, with Zoom G5n having 470k Ohm input impedance while Zoom G5 can provide more control with a switch selectable active/passive 1M Ohm input impedance. Zoom G5n has L/R and stereo headphone outputs. Zoom G5 has L/R, stereo headphone, and balanced XLR outputs.

Bonus Software
Another thing that Zoom G5n lacks is the bonus software. Zoom G5n will allow you to perform easy editing through the four independent display screens. However, Zoom G5 comes with Steinberg Cubase LE software, which is very powerful for recording and editing audio files.

Zoom G5 Vs G5n

Zoom G5Zoom G5n
Key features- Tube Booster (12AX7 tube) for up to 16dB of amp overdrive, ZFX-IV effects processor - 3D Z-pedal for multi-dimensional parameter control - Four large LCD displays - 123 stomp box presets and 22 amp models, Balanced XLR output and selectable modes- 68 of the highest-quality digital effects onboard, plus 10 ultra-realistic amp and cabinet emulators - 100 custom-crafted effects chains by pro guitarists, up to nine effects deep - Built-in expression pedal for real-time control - Stereo/mono Looper allows recording of up to 80 seconds

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Zoom G5 is a lot more powerful than Zoom G5n. More professional users will benefit the most out of Zoom G5. However, Zoom G5n makes an excellent more affordable choice, and it can be great as a starter!

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